In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done)

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Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done) Empty
PostSubject: Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done)   Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 16, 2013 9:22 pm

Arrancar Template

Arrancar Information

Name: Analee Camil
Age: 587
Gender: Fem
Rank: Espada
Looks: Ana looks a bit strange at first sight, what with blazing red hair and fiery red eyes to match, but it is nothing compared to her volcanic personality. Her hair reaches her waist when down, but when pulled back reaches a little more than past her ears. In her right ear she has a silver cuff and two studs, in her left she has just three studs lining her ears. Her flesh is a light peach, giving her human-like appearances. Her curves are rather average, but she wears her clothes in a way that will show them off (If only they could be seen). She has well-developed calves, but looks nothing like an amazon. Her Hollow hole is in her tongue (About three centimeters in length) and her number is on the back of her right shoulder, near her neck. As for her mask fragment, she has a twisted remnants of necklace all along her neck.

Her clothing consists of mostly scandalous attire. Her legs have thigh-high black and white socks connected to garter belts beneath her extremely short white-jean shorts. Her top is a white, strapless top with red dividing in the center (Then tied back together in the front) and black lace up her back. The clothing fits her tight, however to the disdain of many, she wears an overlarge trenchcoat overtop, so mostly she is hidden beneath the massive black and red jacket. She has black, buckled boots up to her knees.

Ability Information

Name: Pleasantries
Type: Non-element
Range: Short (close=two feet or closer)
Description: Her fluids cause pleasureful feelings (When ingested). This includes but is not limited to, blood, saliva and sweat. These pleasureful feelings can be anything that makes the person ingesting happy. For example if someone finds pleasure in happiness, they feel happy. If the love to hate the world, they'll feel hate and so on. This fades after two posts with a one post cool-down.

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Riddles
Type: Sharp, pointy Blade (Wakizashi)
Appearance: It looks like a normal wakizashi. The hilt is a black with white ribbon twisted around it. The blade is sharpened often and is of course very sharp. The blade itself is silver. The guard has an odd intricate design of four connected music notes with tiny swirls around them.

Resurrection Information

Release Phrase: Disperse, My riddles.
Element: Non elemental
Adjuchas Representation: Sphinx

Resurrection Ability Information

Name: Nightmare
Type: Non-elemental
Range: Close (Four feet or closer)
Description: Through introduction of Ana's pheromones, she can sneak her link-pheromones into the opponent's body. These ones are connected to the trigger of darker feelings (Such as despair, hopelessness and anger). Again, these pheromones are gathered through Contact of her fluids, be it scent or taste. Cool down is 4 turns.

Name: Sweet dream
Type: Non-elemental
Range: Close (Four feet or closer)
Description: These pheromones are acquired with the same taste or smell contact. The effects of this set are more hallucinogenic. The opponent may hallucinate something (Variety depends) For two turns. Cool down is three posts.

Name: Hypnosis
Type: Non-elemental
Range: Medium (7 feet or closer)
Description: Her more potent, but lighter pheromones that can trigger sleepiness or drowsiness. These cause those inflicted to feel almost as if the reality is a dream they can't wake up from. This is attained through fluid contact or scent, as the rest of her abilities are. Cool down is 4 posts and the duration is 3 posts.

Extra Information

Family: None.
Analee is in sense a wild, party girl, but wothout the drinking and drugs. She has a thing for music and in fact, at the slightest sound of music, she can't stop herself from dancing. She has to grove and dance; sometimes not even when music is playing! In fact, if she's bored, she'll make up her own beat.

Analee probably doesn't take anything as seriously as she should. The biggest problems in the world are relinquished to nothing when she can simply push it away with wild flirtatious words. She adores To hit on people, but is ultimately a tease, since the most she'd ever do is kiss someone. Which, she might randomly do, as well. No one can ever know what Analee will do, as she's likely to gut you with a smile as she is to hug you and squeeze you til your eyes pop out of your head.. or vast mediums in between.
Likes: Yogurt, parfaits, strawberries, strings, beads, seranades
Dislikes: Quiet, sand in her boots, salty foods, glue, people harming musical instruments, Party Poopers
Fears: A world without music
Hopes/Dreams: She dreams of one day having the best dance club ever... which is very strange to most people
Sexual Orientation: ALL SEXUAL -Uncertain, leans more towards men-
Relationship Status: Shingles- I mean single
Analee's story isn't different than that of most arrancars. She started as a hollow. A beast with just one want and need; to eat. Her need for survival was all she knew for hundreds of years. She spent the last few decades of basic hollow life being a trickster. Just as her form insinuated, she would try and trap her meals in foolish riddles and traps; aimlessly misleading them until she could strike and devour their strength. The story wasn't too defined until the day her mask was broken.

Ana couldn't for the life of her remember HOW it was busted, just that she woke up with a new form and new thoughts. She had something more than a simple urge, she too had a knowledge which was more than most hollows she encountered. Sure, she still wanted to devour more hollows as they passed, but the hunger wasn't all she knew. Her mind knew as well, better ways to trap and learned more powers to attain what she needed.

Eventually she gained a more steady understanding and then a cornerstone of her real life began. Ana began to understand and work with her powers instead of against them. Most of her training was made out of random brawls that took place upon her ventures, but they gave her strength. Soul after soul, like the same hunger, but different. This one was to get stronger, not to fill a void in her stomach. She wanted to feel complete, but power was filling that void, not the souls.

Eventually, she found herself near Las Noches. Her first trip didn't end so well, since she walked near and she could already feel intimidated by the strength of of it, but it gave her a goal. She would go there one day, she promised herself and off she went to gain the strength she needed. It was a good hundred years, before Ana returned and made her challenge to an espada. The fight played out and Ana won.

One of her missions after took her to the human world. This was where she found out about music and since, she has not left her digital music device behind (Much to the annoyance of many people).
RP Sample:
Analee couldn't stop her feet. They had a mind of their own on days like today. Her body turned and she tapped her heel to the floor, then her toes. Her hips bumped to the music from her headset. It felt like a strange connection between herself and the music. Her hands pushed down as she spun. Her coat flung up behind her. Red eyes closed from the world, with a hand then on her hips. A beat played on her lips, sang to something so silly. Foot stomp, reverse twirl, stomp. A routine she made up on the spot. Such jitters were unavoidable when she felt so- good. The night was gloomy and dank as always, but to her that was good. Sands were vast ahead and dead trees corrupted the horizon, but she was home. Something about the eery and murky world was what made her in place, though at the same time.. this was all she really knew.

A gentle hum continued to louden, Analee's voice borderline-breaking out to the air. She was weird to almost everyone, but what WAS normal? Stepping ahead, she could feel the sand rub her boots irritably. It was a good thing her boots reached her knees, that greatly reduced foot-scratching. Not like it hurt, it was more just distracting sometimes. She breathed out slowly and hopped forward. Her each step was more a dance move than an actual step. "And I see you~ Standing over theerrrree~" Finially, her words broke the silence around her. God awful, that silence was. She hated it, with a passion greater than she loved singing. There was probably irony in that, but she didn't care that much.

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Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done)   Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done) Icon_minitimeWed Apr 17, 2013 7:08 pm

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Ivan Ivanosk Ivanisky

Ivan Ivanosk Ivanisky

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Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done)   Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done) Icon_minitimeWed Apr 17, 2013 7:51 pm

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Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done)   Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done) Icon_minitime

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Camil, Analee (Arrancar, done)
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