In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Bear Faces of Science

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Ashere Jinnotachi

Ashere Jinnotachi

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PostSubject: Bear Faces of Science   Bear Faces of Science Icon_minitimeSun Apr 14, 2013 10:32 pm

Shinigami Template

Shinigami Information

Name: Ashere Jinnotachi
Age: 812
Gender: Manly Male
Squad: Twelve
Rank: Captain
Looks: Ashere has a very prominant special characteristic about his presence and that is that his face is covered by a giant teddy bear mask. The eyes stare blankly off into space and the face is stoically mirthful in all aspects. Most who look upon it would never expect it to belong to that of a captain or even someone who knew how to fight. The often called "stupid" or "ridiculous" appearance is an advantage as well as a part of his attempt to become the ultimate being. It is some of his most advanced technology and he enjoys it very much despite it's strange appearance. Additionally Ashere wears the normal captain robes and sandals carrying his sword, sheathed, at his side on his waist. Physically he appears as a not outstanding individual, average muscle and appropriated weight to height, height being 6'2. Possessing no hair under the helmet which prevents his ability to grow his hair properly due to the electricity, radiation, and other harmful technologies at work in his body.

Ability Information

Name: Heart Engine Abnormal Regulation Technology or H.E.A.R.T.
Type: Augmentary
Range: Self
Description: This is a technological advancement made inside of research and developement (headed by Ashere). After several failed prototypes leading to many dead shinigami there came to be this engine that has surgically replaced Ashere's heart. Basically the ability of the H.E.A.R.T. is a series of liquid enhancements and hormones that can be to the blood as well as normal heart pumping operations to sustain life. These liquid enhancements allow for an increase in stamina, the ability to slow down or speed up blow flow on a whim. The hormones that are inside must be refilled and refueled after three uses but can re-invigorate or increase the perception of time passing by the brain for a short period of time.

Name: Teddy Bear Science Mask
Type: Augmentary
Range: Self
Description: The mask that is adorned on the face of Ashere is an augmentary device allowing him an increased capacity of perception. Linked directly into his brain the eyes register heat signatures and mark them with small outlines of yellow squares if reaching tempratures between 35 and 45 degrees celsius. Identifying red triangles over what can be determined consciously or otherwise as a non living entity presenting a threat whether immediate or not. Blue circles adorning those who have been pre-registered into the system as ally units. The mask itself is made of a thick reishi malleable material that has been solidified much in the way quincy form bows but with electrical impulses created from technology based on his shikai. This material is approximately as strong as steel but with a lesser temprature resistance and and lesser weight. Finally the mask tracks the targets via a subconscious nerve link to the brain at 360 degrees creating alerts in his head every time there is triangle within 100 meters and creating icons in his vision to point him in the direction of his goals.

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Konki Kaniza
Type: Rei Manipulation
Appearance: The zanpaktou is a fairly typical katana. Being unique in some fashion at the guard in that it is spiked at the very base with a small one inch tip. Additionally the hilt is just a solid blood of wood attached to the blade with a small section with the greatest thickness of the wood at the top acting as the guard for the blade.
Spirit Manifestation:
While admittedly this is a strange manifestation for a zanpaktou spirit, Konki takes the form of a robot warrior reflection of Ashere's personality. A warrior with no physical limitations and only limited by what science can be used to increase it's power.
Spirit World: The world is a spherical zone. Laid with steel tiling completely through the entire existance. Completely devoid of all organic life but filled with tubes that possess massive amounts of Reiryoku and have no means of releasing it as Reiatsu. Creating massive explosions of raw power when broken much in the way the shikai functions.
Spirit Personality: Konki is a cold and calculating machine. It has no use for organic life or any form of life. It exists only to become more than it is already and to acquire more information in that pursuit. Judging and scanning everything that Konki comes across and absorbing information in the pursuit of the greater. This is the only facet of Konki's very two dimmensional personality.

Shikai Information

Name: Kaniza
Release Phrase: Tsu myou beta-gakajutsu!
Appearance: The blade transforms very slightly and by blade I overspoke. The blade actually dissapears leaving the weapon with nothing but a hilt. {As seen in spoiler below}

Shikai Ability Information

Name: Kaniza
Type: Rei Manipulation
Range: Not Applicable.
Description: Kaniza allows for the user to bypass the step of reiatsu by channeling their Reiryoku through the hilt. Kaniza allows for the Reiryoku inside to be instantly converted into the form used in the ability of the shikai or other form should it be required. The main ability of the shikai, however, is using this ability to 'poison' the reshi and reiatsu that is present. Using the hilt of the blade to direct the concentrated Spirit Energy outward and into the rei that it connects with. The affliction to the rei will act as cancer acts to cells, spreading into more spirit particles and altering their effectiveness and usage to be rendered haywire or useless depending on the strength of Ashere's rei against the strength of the creator of the afflicted rei. Ultimately the shikai can detonate these afflicted spirit particles into a wave-like blast that uses energy and does damage very similar, though greater in damage potential, to the Kido spell of Sokatsui.

Bankai Information

Name: Kaiku
Appearance: The blade and hilt finally dissapear, going down to the bear basics of fighting, fist to fist combat. knuckle knives appear and form around each of Ashere's hands leaving him open for combat and fully able to use his hands for the abilities of his bankai.

Bankai Ability Information

Name: Kaiku
Type: Rei Manipulation
Range: Not Applicable
Description: The bankai is an evolution of the shikai power. The affliction of rei of all three types (Reiatsu, Reiryoku and Reishi). Doing so at a greater level of effectiveness allows for the manipulation of one's own Spirit Energy being channeled through the weapon. This allows for complete and free manipulation of all of one's reiryoku channelled directly through the bankai's ability and form and skipping the formation of reiatsu step. This one hundred percent control ability is the foundation of purity and makes things like Kido useless as the free formation of rei would allow for the creation of any kido-like material or attack.

Extra Information

Personality: Ashere is not a man of many facets, not a man of many personalities, not even a man of much complexity. His care in life is that of science and the advancement of his own knowledge. Who gives a rats ass about anyone else's life, love, knowledge, loyalty, goal, hope, or any other word that would describe something important to someone. Ashere cares solely about the advancement of his own knowledge. His 'loyalty' to the Soul Society is limited due to his race being that of a shinigami with excellent talent for being a soul reaper and that it offers him a ton of abilities as far as opportunity for research goes. Being constantly at war with one of the largest races and being part of one of the largest races gives him ample opportunity to study two of the most complex and simple of both worlds, giving him a unique advantage as well in that he can study the effects and combinations of science and rei.
Likes: Knowledge, Assimilation, Machines, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Augmentations
Dislikes: Organics, Organic Limits, Ignorance, Blockades, Elves (The idea of them)
Fears: To go incomplete in the struggle for knowledge.
Hopes/Dreams: To disect every living thing that ever walked on any plane of existance.
Sexual Orientation: Physical (You will discover this meaning by asking ICly as it is truly...different.)
Relationship Status: NO!
History: Test tube babies....aww yeah. So basically Ashere was born into science by an artificial process combining human and shinigami physiology. A true blend involved the previous captain of squad 12 taking a shinigami corpse and a living human and using cruel and evil science to create what would become the ultimate hunger for knowledge in the form of life. This previous squad 12 captain discovered something incredible in his lifetime but refused to pass it on and took it with him to the grave, the secret that was the combination of materials required to make new life. Imbuing this new life into the body of a dead shinigami and giving it a solid human body was his ultimate creation. The inside of a shinigami, the durability of a spiritual being with the presence of a human. This creation was the born-full-grown man known as Ashere Jinnotachi. Trained in the ways of combat (as the previous squad 12 captain said "the way of the world") and more importantly in the means of science and technology. Never indulging the request to learn the knowledge of the master as to his own creation as it was clearly not with bodily fluids and genitalia...being that Ashere Jinnotachi was born full grown from a corpse.

Eventually the old master died trying to transcend life and death. Passing into death with a rei device that he was sure would bring his soul back in the form of pure rei but somewhere along the lines his body was scattered and his soul was thrown apart and thus he was killed forever...rather than temporarily killed. It was at this point Ashere found himself being addressed as a non entity and a special interest item in the eyes of Central 46. The organization ran many tests on him and sicked the hounds of Squad 12 that remained on him to figure out if he was alive, dead, human, shinigami, organic, or mechanical. Deciding finally he was a shinigami he was inducted as a special interest soul reaper directly into squad 12, skipping the soul reaper academy as he was already aware of everthing that would/could be taught there except for information concerning a zanpaktou. The zanpaktou which was soon given to him would eventually become his greatest partner in the effort to assimilate all knowledge as he rose through th ranks of his creator's squadron.

Eventually Jinnotachi Ashere became the Vice Captain and had access to an almost infinite number of technologies and research potential which enthralled him. His zanpaktou had grown along with him and at this level reacted with widespread happiness and the two became basically a singular being in their own little 'heaven' instantly unleashing the bankai level of his zanpaktou. Not long after a...mysterious accident...concerning the captain of squad 12 took place and there was a meeting to determine who would be best suited to replace him. There was little argument and only a minor amount of testing involved before the research junky, potentially most technologically inclined man, and genius of rei and science, especially together, was elected by the remaining captains and central 46 to become the new squad 12 captain. Shortly after the actual IC events began to take place.
RP Sample:

Family: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Bear Faces of Science   Bear Faces of Science Icon_minitimeSun Apr 14, 2013 10:56 pm

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Bear Faces of Science
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