In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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Merrow, The Little King

Merrow, The Little King

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PostSubject: I ... I AM! . . . (Arrancar Elite)   I ... I AM! . . . (Arrancar Elite) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 13, 2013 2:57 am

Arrancar Template

Arrancar Information

Name: Merrow Azerium
Age: Total age - 2421 years old. Twelve as a human, a few hours as a soul, 1799 as a hollow and the rest(approximately six hundred) are arrancar.
Visual Age - as he when he died as a human, a 12 year-old child.
Gender: Male
Rank: El Rey De Las Noches/Race Leader. If this is not attainable, the next highest rank.
Looks: A smiling youth, with fair skin, mismatched eyes, and black spiked hair. Standing of relatively small stature, and also of relatively small form, he is anything but imposing. As a matter of fact, given his tendency to act much like he appears among his brethren, one would assume that he is as he appears: an innocent, young child conscripted into the madness of the Arrancar species. But, looks are deceiving, and this one is a pure psycho-maniacal homicidal sociopath(Despite the redundancy of this phrase, it is fairly accurate) rather than innocent. With a constant grin, shining eyes, and skin free from blemish, almost radiant in its purity he is like the romantic depiction of a Cherub, despite only being such in form, given his youthful self and yet oddly diminutive size. But purity and innocence and kindness are not traits he has much of.

On to more descriptive features. He has complete heterochromia, stemming from an injury in his human life(with one eye stained crimson(left), the other hazel(right)), which spawns his mismatch eye color. There is an ever-constant smile, revealing serrated, shark-like teeth, always present for any reason even when he pouts. As mentioned he is of relatively short stature(mostly due to his physical/visual age) and of a small physique, implying that he is a non-combatant, but really it all adds to the facade of his 'harmless child act.'

His Hollow Mask Fragment is the remnants of the ‘helmet’ he had upon reaching Vasto Lorde stage: It covers his the right side of his forehead, and forms a sort of eyehole around that respective eye. The color of the mask matches his skin color well that if one were to look at a distance, it seems as though the mask was actually a deformity on his face. His Hollow hole is located a centimeter below the lower portion of his sternum, it is roughly 1.4 cm in radius.

His clothing is composed of the standard jacket, undershirt, hakama and boots, with no variation whatsoever except that its shrunken so it actually fits rather than loosely smother him. Intriguing to note is that he takes pride in the white uniform, and thus always rushes back to change it should it get dirtied, meaning he has multiple identical sets. The white jacket is always kept together, thus not exposing the shirt he wears underneath, his hakama are of the split variant therefore looking like baggy trousers than a giant dress. The inverted color footware are in fair condition, and like the rest of his clothing, fit rather well, with the hakama's ends tucked inside of them to prevent the excess fabric with impeding his movement.

Upon making it to the realm of Espadas, his tattoo would be located on his back, centered so as to be overlaid on his spinal column about part way down his back, past the shoulder blades.

Ability Information

Name: Preservacion
Type: Innate/Misc.
Range: Contact of drool
Description: Think of his drool as a potent preservative. Maybe it's some sort of biological evolution given his tendency to gnash and gnaw on bones so usually the offending limb that he has ripped off will be lathered and preserved, as opposed to rot, when he decides to hide it somewhere inside Las Noches as part of his 'limb stash' in case he needs a snack. Or feels the urge to violently murder something, and must sate the instinctive Hollow side without going on a rampage.

Name: Regeneración
Type: Innate - Healing/Support/Rei
Range: Contact of reiryoku
Description: Essentially canon high-speed regeneration. Most external wounds mend within a single round, with limbs taking about 3 rounds to grow back and internal organs not recovering at all. This would mean if he were stabbed right through the gut, the outside flesh would mend keeping him from bleeding out, but his organs are still hemorrhaging. Such a situation would probably require immediate medical attention to avoid eventual death.

However, Regeneración can also be applied in a manner similar to Healing Kido, in that transfusion of his reiryoku can help mend wounds on those less fortunate not to have healing factors. This mending process, though, is limited as it is to his own body, meaning at best he can patch wounds, not fully restore them. He also cannot help restore/regrow lost limbs. Physical contact is required for the effect to take place, and would require at least two turns of such contact in order to restore someone to the best of his ability.

Regeneración is still active in the release state.

Name: Pesquisa
Type: Sensory/Support
Range: 800 meters
Description: The true effective range of this ability is more within a hundred meters. Effective meaning able to clearly and definitely detect the powers (reiatsu) on an opponent. Any further than that, and while he may be able to lock on to a specific reiatsu signature, he has difficulty in determining the overall strength of the opponent.

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Acheron
Type: Unimportant (Bladeless hilt - Cutlass)
Appearance: It's an ornate, seemingly jewel-encrusted hilt. What more do you want? It's dimensions? Why would you need that? He's never going to use it during a fight! Especially since he loves punching and kicking people more.

Resurrection Information

Release Phrase: Vanish!
Appearance: Like other arrancar when one utters the release phrase of their resurrection, Merrow gains a piece of his former self back. He awakens the natural power that had been locked up when he choose to become an arrancar. But, unlike some arrancar, he still retains his humanoid shape and is still a bipedal vertebrate. The transformation process, a blast of reiatsu colored pitch-black, will obscure the process (as is common with most Arrancar's Zanpakuto releases or 'Resurrections'). At the end of it all, he appears mostly the same, just that his body seems to have physically matured a bit, making him quite taller. In fact, the appearance he has is probably due to the fact his Hollow form was significantly larger than his Arrancar form, so returning back to his roots would inevitably mean altering his physical body such that he looked like he was in his late teens. So all in all, still human-like.

It's just that he gains some additional limbs. And not arms nor legs nor something of the nether region, mind you, but rather, wings. Black wings that sprout from behind him, massive feathered appendages, numbering six, that lazily rest behind him. He appears as an angel, you could say a fallen one whose wings have been tainted by unforgivable sin, and thus branded with a mark of shame. Pity, he doesn’t feel remorseful at all, despite his appearance. Whether or not he's aerodynamically fit for flight, he still hasn't tried to confirm if he can.

Beyond this, his appearance doesn't seem to have changed (unless one also counts the large holes now ripped into the back of his shirt and jacket unless they were removed prior to his release). However, the wings are massive, and the numerous feathers are collected well together to prevent light from passing through and thus, when they unfurl a shadow is cast over Merrow the mix of the light and its absence, the dark, gives hint to his own fractured self, the result of a piteous past.

These black wings may seem like aesthetic, vestigial structures but they tend to prove rather useful when in a fight. They can withstand (though not dispel) most reishi-based attacks (dependent on various factors) as well as blows from physical attacks, and thus can be used as shields. They also serve as reishi reserves, absorbing free-floating spiritual energy and, after pooling them with his reiryoku, converting them in a solid shape the feathers. Most techniques require a feather to be plucked, and utilized for they are nothing more than compressed containers of energy, and thus capable of being more than airy pieces of material that are used for decoration. Given the number of wings he has, and that he will most likely have a significant amount of reiryoku, it is rare for him to exhaust up all the feathers, and by that, energy he has without resorting to large-scale damage techniques.
Element: Gravity
Adjuchas Representation: Winged Humanoid (Angel), though in terms of animals, it's most likely more attached to a large predatory bird of some sort.

Resurrection Ability Information

Name: Rejuvenecer - Falso, Real
Type: Support/Rei
Range: Self
Description: Those six wings on his back are the primary source from which all his techniques originate. Some merely take a single feather, which can grow back just be easily absorbing ambient reishi in a single moment. Others may take up all the feathers on one wing. Rejuvenecer is a passive absorption of the surrounding natural reishi or 'spirit energy particles' or 'spiritrons,' and works at such a quick rate that single feathers can be restored without any conscious effort and without much delay. However, in the case that a total wing's supply of feather is depleted for an ability, it requires a bit more time to fully replenish the wing (though all feather are regrown simultaneously).

Falso is the process working naturally, and in areas with high concentrations of ambient reishi (Hueco Mundo or Soul Society) after a single turn has progressed, enough energy has been accumulated to restore the reserves. In the human world, this process takes twice as long (two turns) in order to recover. Only one wing can be recovered at a time, meaning if enough energy is used to strip more than one wing of power, then every other wing will remain barren while the reserves are replenished.

Real is an conscious and direct conversion of reiryoku to immediately produce feathers on wings. This will put in effect a decrease to Merrow's Rei stat for the remaining duration of the fight. For each wing that is powered by this method, a -100 is applied to the stat as well as a two turn cooldown that stacks (meaning a -600 penalty and 12 turn cooldown if all six wings were restored simultaneously). The cooldown does not inhibit the 'False Rejuvenation' process.

Name: Distorsión Gravedad
Type: Support|Misc/Rei
Range: Self
Description: A selective ability that utilizes the elemental nature of his powers, and the fact that ambient reishi and his own reiryoku are distributed into the feathers of his wings. Selective in that Merrow can temporarily nullify the effects by drawing back more of his reiryoku into his physical body voluntarily for a brief moment (a process that will naturally occur should he fire a normal Cero or any other reishi-based projectile, and last until said projectile is discharged). Said effects manifest as a form of natural and unending subtle distortion of natural gravity, that requires essentially zero focus, in a spherical area that encompasses his whole body and a small volume about him. What we normally see is a suspension of normal gravitational effect in this area, allowing him to indefinitely 'levitate' naturally a few inches off the ground. He can also alter his physical orientation and influence gravitational forces thus allowing him to walk on any solid surface as well as even hang upside down with little ill effects. Distorsión Gravedad requires at least two complete wings in order to remain active.

Name: Distorsión Aire
Type: Support/Rei
Range: Self
Description: Precise usage of the reishi stored within the feathers. Merrow can create a unidirectional burst of motion by utilizing the stored energy in the feathers. A single feather from each wing is enough to project him at what would be a brisk walking pace in whichever direction he happens to be directing himself forward, and thus allowing him to 'glide' without visibly moving through the air while Distorcion Gravedad is in effect. A whole wing's worth of feathers can be expende to cause a sudden boost, the speed of which is equal to twice his Rei stat. The end result is him zipping about the battlefield in case of emergencies, and if his body's not in contact with solid ground or a surface in which he can perform "Sonido" with. Distorsión Aire's use has no charge time and the duration for the effect lasts for a few moments when a feather is expended, while a cooldown is only enforced for two rounds if a wing is used up for an immediate acceleration. Distorsión Aire can still operate it's slow usage of feathers for forward motion during the cooldown, but it cannot expend the energy of a complete wing.

Name: Distorsión Campo - Nulo, Gran
Type: Area of Effect/Support|Misc/Rei
Range: A cubical area directly in front of him. Dimension of length/height/width is 10 meters.
Description: A whole wing will be consumed. The area in front of him will suffer one of two gravitational effects.

Nulo indicates the field is zero gravity and will first counteract any unbalanced motional forces then nullify gravitational forces, thus resulting in projectiles halting suddenly and then suddenly drifting about. Physical beings who are caught within this are less likely to have their momentum erased and may still travel in whichever direction they were going in, only much slower than before. Unfortunately, one cannot rely on the ability to gather reishi and use them as platforms to maintain stable footing, as the free reishi is also affected by the field, and thus has a tendency to not clump together efficiently.

Gran on the other hand, just slams gravity down for the briefest of moment, sending all projectiles that are not directed tending downward into the ground. Beings whose Rei are at least equal to Merrow will not be violently pressed down, but they will definitely feel the pressure. Those above will probably feel a bit of weight, but not be impeded. Those who are weaker may find themselves knocked down to the ground, if they are unprepared.

There is a brief pause after the feathers on the sacrificed wing vanish and the outlines of the gravity field appear. It would not be wrong to suggest that Merrow has witnessed the level 90 Hado, Kurohitsugi, and designed this technique in a similar vein. But, where that advanced Hado is likely to kill those who are unfortunate enough to be trapped in it, Distorsión Campo is more likely to disorient or temporarily immobilize his enemies. The duration of the field lasts a single turn. Upon the dissipation of the field, a two turn cooldown is in effect.

Name: Emplume - Espada Negra
Type: Projectile|Melee/Offensive/Physical|Rei
Range: Lenghth of blade, approximately 1.5 meters.
Description: A single feather plucked from the black wings. This time rather than allow it to swirl about, becoming a spiral of destructive energy, it elongates itself, forming a blade of sorts. With the feather being the source of which the reishi (collected and pooled to form a solid portion) extends itself from, the energy manifests as a dark-colored blade, a side-effect of the coloring of the user's reiatsu.

One could attribute these as similar to the Quincy ‘Seele Schneiders’, as they are composed of cycling reishi particles to form a solid shape thus creating a chainsaw effect. The only difference is that the Espada Negra does not grow more powerful with each blow it lands upon the opponent(via absorbing their own reiatsu, that is). Actually, the instant the feather begins to release the stored up energy, it lasts for only a short amount of time before dying out, as the spirit energy is forcibly discharged(something it, a container, was not intended to do).

The upside to the weapon is that the energy in question has been converted into Hei’s own power and thus allowing him full manipulation as to the shape of the ‘blade’. The technique is named due to its natural coloration, and because of its initial shape, however its form can be altered at will(though there is a momentary delay, and rapid alterations are nigh impossible).

The cutting potential of Espada Negra is strange at best. Given its nature, it can and will damage virtually anything that it comes into contact with, but the extent of the damage varies depending on the innate strength(durability) of the object it is clashing with. A being whose durability is greater than the energy that is compelling reishi particles to cycle in order to form a cutting edge may suffer a surface cut, but will cause the Espada Negra to burn out its energy within a moment rather than a few seconds. Whereas a weaker being, or weaker objects could be cleanly sliced through.

Espada Negra can also be manipulated without physically interacting with it, though the maximum range in which it can be used is within five meters of his body. There is no charge time nor a cooldown time required for Espada Negra, while the weapons remain active during a single turn. The only restriction is that no more than five Espada Negras can be active at one given time.

Name: Emplume Cero - Esfera Caos
Type: Projectile/Offensive/Rei
Range: Maximum Cero range of 20 meters from physical location (if he moves further back after firing one of these Cero's, the distance they can move forward drastically decreases); Cero explosion and core range is half a meter in radius in a spherical space; Field generated afterwards is a sphere with a 10 meter radius.
Description: Essentially a Cero, infused with the element corresponding to the Res. It takes the shape of a black marble upon charging. It requires single feather to be plucked from the wings(causing a mild amount of discomfort for the user) and be used as the basis of which the Cero is focused. The projectile rapidly compresses into a dense spherical object, and instead of being fired immediately like a blast from a focal point is flicked in the general direction of the enemy. Then, like a beam, it shoots forward. A black streak across existence, it will be sent flying forward at a speed closer to a Bala then a Cero. When it either comes into contact with another object (be it the target or a something close by and in the way of the target) or reaches the maximum range, it then detonates into a rather small explosion that is about half a meter long in radius (unfitting for a normal Cero). The blast is seen as a swirling mass of black, not unlike the Cero Oscuras in effect. Due to the properties of the reishi infused into it: a small gravity field, as large as the explosion's dimensions, is created.

The actual effective range of this field is along the lines of of a radius of 10 meters, with ambient reishi being drawn inwards to the spherical area where the explosion occurred (dubbed a 'core'). Reishi-based projectiles fired off while in proximity of one of these fields may either find themselves streaking off course due to its pull (if they are not self-correcting, controlled forces) or losing overall potency if they manage to stay on course.

A spiritual being or a physical being with spiritual power will feel minimal, if any, pull by the field however, even if directly next to the core. A physical strike against it may result in possible leeching of limited quantities of one's reiryoku (enough to feel slight numbness of the part that made contact for a brief moment), if direct contact is made (body to core), while all other physical blows will just collide with the core and cause its shift position.

As this is still a creation of his own reiryoku, Merrow is more or less immune to the effects of the field, and is still capable of manipulating the cores without direct contact (the 20 meter range attached to the Cero is also applied here in terms of maximum distance he can manipulate the cores in). He cannot make them shift position at extreme speeds, but he definitely can move them around on a whim or even make them hold position and resist being struck and thus forced elsewhere. Or, he can just naturally have them gravitate towards his person.

These cores are unstable, and most physical damage to them will cause them to turn volatile and discharge all accumulated reishi and/or reiryoku simultaneously in a grand shockwave/pulse. In addition to physical damage, concentrated reishi-projectiles aimed for the core themselves can also disrupt or break, though this is rarer than a physical strike. Being within the range of its absorption/field puts one at risk of being injured, while remaining outside of that is a guarantee of safety from the discharge. If one is not sufficiently powerful (around Captain-class) a full-charged core detonation at point-blank is most likely enough for fatal damage. Cores that are not fully charged, but are damaged, will disperse the accumulated reishi without incident, however.

Enplume Ceros take one round of charge time to prepare. During this charging period, the firing hand(s) holding the feather(s) are not capable of performing other actions without resetting the charge period. Most abilities are also disabled during the duration. Two feathers can be charged simultaneously per hand, making a maximum of four shots available in one go. Cores takes three posts' worth of time until their gravitational effects are disabled, at which point Merrow can either take them and absorb them for a temporary boost (for the duration of the fight) in his Reiryoku and thus increasing his Rei stat by +100 for each core, absorbing them early brings no beneficial effects. Alternatively, he can manipulate them as floating mines to use against his opponents, but only if they are still within 20 meters of his physical location.

There cannot be more than four active cores at any given time. If another core is employed, all active cores and the fifth core will detonate. If an Emplume Cero strikes an Esfera Caos, the result is equivalent to a full-charged Sphere/Core detonation.

Segunda Etapa Information

Release Phrase: DISAPPEAR!
Appearance: Imagine a giant adorned in white, but coming forth from his body are twelve wings of black feathers. Merrow's physical appearance now takes on that if he were a well-sized adult, with twelve wings sprouting out from his back, each one massive and sturdy enough that they could probably concuss someone with a direct hit. His physical appearance beyond that is not altered significantly than in his release state.
Element: Gravity

Segunda Etapa Ability Information

All techniques in Ressurection are available in Segunda Etapa, with no alterations.

Extra Information

Family: From his human life, they are long dead. But in his current life - Every Arrancar that resides within Las Noches, he considers a part of his family. And so long as they do not turn on him, he will fight for them.

Personality: A sweet and innocent child who loves pranks, jokes, and company. A deranged being that gorges and chokes on the flesh and blood of his enemies. A warmonger, demented and soulless (by human standards, not spiritual), making use of the remains of enemies their bones being his favorite chew toys. A soldier to death, even when knowing full well that being loyal is nothing more than being a slave, not to the whims of another being, but the dark abysmal instinct that lurks in his own heart and mind. And hidden underneath it all, only expressed as a curiosity and inquisition, a deep and varied understanding and wealth of knowledge voluntarily buried for a number of reasons.

Merrow is all of these things. They encompass all the various aspects of his seemingly fragmented psyche. One could assume after meeting him that he, after existing as being with only killing and consuming as the only goals in life, is rather scarred from that time. But they would be sadly mistaken. These 'aspects' are not individual identities; they are a conglomerate with several others that form the mental workings of this spiritual being's singular 'self'.

At first glance and with first words exchanged with him(regardless of one‘s race), he seems to be a playful mischievous child, who holds little interest in fighting. One could use Dardonni’s (Don Panini) line for describing him whiles he is amongst friends, ‘Sweet and soft like the chocolate’. He gives the idea that he is a deeply compassionate person, but really these emotions of good nature are only seen in the company of arrancar. He does have a deep attachment to his brethren, and refuses under most circumstances to fight with them as enemies. Of course, sparring, training, and the like are all right with him, but never will he consider them as the enemy until there is sufficient and immutable proof of their betrayal.

- The lighter end of the spectrum => Silly Child

He always likes to seek out some good-humored fun. Good-humored for an arrancar, that is, so pain, violence, wanton destruction, and the like are usually more common in his daily antics, and many have fallen victim to his ‘pranks’. And he goes about any means to achieve his quota of ‘fun‘, no matter how foolish or childish or even dangerous(such as baiting a massive swarm of Gillian Menos to begin a procession march through inhabited area and crush all within their path) they may seem. These are the few exceptions when he would be willing to injure his fellow arrancar, though often with minimal physical damage and really all for comedic value. More than once has he gotten on the nerves of a comrade just through his ridiculous actions, which can range from weak explosives planted in their beds to drop-kicking them down a short flight of stairs(or out a window of a lower floor of the towers). Usually, his quota is achieved when he gets scolded by anyone who is willing to put their foot down on this.

-A being driven by riled hatred, both natural and artificial => Wrathful Soldier

Nonetheless, despite his rather crude and immature want of rather horrid moments of hilarity and refusal to fight against his own kind he has no qualms with engaging in combat against those he considers enemies.

When engaging a spiritually powerful being of unknown race, he presents himself in an amiable and casual manner taking as much time as necessary to discern what his enemy/opponent could be. After registering the being as whatever race he or she may be does he proceed to take action. If still unsure as to what his enemy is, he will keep to evasive maneuvers until he finds it out. Afterwards, he unleashes the full brunt of his hatred and carries out his attack.

Through instinct, experience, and instruction, he has been taught who is the enemy and what an enemy deserves. Swift death is too good for a Shinigami, pain must be taught to them first before they can die. Suffering is not enough for the living (Quincy, Spiritually Powerful Human), they must be shown agony and must experience gut-twisting terror before they die. Or so goes the thoughts in his mind when he engages battle. Without a care in the world for innocents, without a care in the world for bystanders(unless arrancar), he attacks mercilessly with extreme savagery that stems from a millennia and half of contempt and a brain-washing reminiscent training with the arrancar of Las Noches which lasted for quite some time.

Who is the enemy to Merrow? He never answered the question himself, and took several ideas from his fellow arrancar. However, it took a long time before he found an adequate answer.

The enemy: All, regardless of race, age, gender, or any other discerning characteristics, who stand in the way of the general will of the arrancar. With such a definition, and the general will of arrancars being a want of war, everything and everyone could be an enemy. Even traitors, turncoats, and conspirators of the same race as Merrow would be decimated.

But, this answer is merely an interpretation to one question that is vital to their existence. In time, it may change, slightly, but altered in some way nonetheless. After all, if one only has hate in their life, it does make it harder for them to convince others to buy them candy.

-War is buffet-line, but only those with a degenerated palette can enjoy its bounty => Psychotic Glutton

Even with his hatred and by extension self-loathing of what he's become, Merrow finds overwhelming joy in tearing a foe apart limb by limb. Satisfaction, gratification, with each one downed by his sword, his fist, his power. And with these emotions that would suggest a sense of pride for accomplishing the destruction of an enemy, comes a ravenous hunger stemming from his hollow nature. His means of attack are directly linked to his ire and his hunger, and he always aims to tear apart his enemies and devour them piece by piece. Enjoying the disgusting taste of their flesh, as the bitter and inedible bits of them are swallowed. He savors the taste, but really he more enjoys the disgusted or terrified look displayed from either victims or spectators. And no matter what violent complaints or upheavals his body may give to the gruesome meal, he always consumes it.

Fortunately, he's getting a bit better at reigning in the desire ... but he is a selfish brat, and indulges a bit too often.

Because of his innate ability, bones have become his chew toys. Thanks to the fact that they can be preserved even after the death of the enemy, he makes use of them with his teeth when in somber or irritated moods. Almost like a dog, he constantly hides these possessions throughout the ‘White Castle’ and more times than none, someone has found a skeletal remain of his victim that he preserved to later chew on. Yet another one of his odd and disgusting habits, that he sees nothing wrong in doing.

-"The silent voice within ... speaks the most profound of wisdom"=>Hidden Depths

He acts in this manner, and all of this truly is his personality. But it was all developed, with time, learned and imprinted, and then emulated. What rests within is a dull and patient being, one so calm that he seems deceased compared to how he normally behaves these days. A being that is contemplative, reflecting on the thousands of souls that now reside within him dormantly. Their collective identity may have all been trampled underfoot by him, but he still respects and utilizes their existence to his advantage. It's what enables him to understand and behave maturely, ages beyond his external appearance, and also a serious force of consideration that backs all of his decisions. Although in the case of his childish mannerisms, he may discard his good judgment for the sake of enjoyment, other actions do take the full weight and consideration of his reason.

And more often than not, he subjugates this reason, since it strays too uncomfortably on thoughts about his very being, and what he wishes to accomplish in this take on life.

1. His strange sense of humor
2. (Shamefully) The din of the battlefield, and the mutilations galore that stem from conflict
3. All other Arrancar
4. Cooking Shinigami
5. Reading

1. Shinigami. A lot. Like ... seriously.
2. Seireitei
3. The Human World (except when chowing down)
4. The concept of a Cero Espada (He learned Espadas went from 1 to 10, NOT 0 to 9!!)
5. Arrancar Traitors

Fears: What does one who lives life so carefree, except when fighting against one's natural mortal enemy, have to be afraid of? If anything, he's probably afraid of more modern technology in the human world since it's still something that baffles him.

Hopes/Dreams: He doesn't talk much about it, any more. But he does want one thing. He wants the desire to kill to stop. He wants everything else that gives him joy to be the only things that do, and to cut out the need and pleasure derived from all the gratuitous violence. But he knows that that's impossible to cut out of his existence entirely, so long as he remains an Arrancar and surrounded by Arrancar.

Sexual Orientation: You know, given his physical body isn't developed and he loves to play the 'innocent child' card it's difficult to classify. If he were at all interested and also able to follow through on the carnal side of attraction, it'd most likely be bisexual. However, for now PLATONIC

Relationship Status: See above. All relationships would be platonic, really.

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History: A swirling mass, a torrent, a typhoon of souls is what composes his being. After all, given his ravenous nature, he has absorbed countless, all on a whim. But, like the others of his kind, there is a core, a center. A single soul from the very beginning constitutes ‘him,’ and is the source of his appearance and personality. That one soul has subjugated thousands, if not tens of thousands of souls inside of its being, and forcibly stolen all their wills. It has been alive for a considerably shorter time than some of it compatriots, but it is abundant with memories of the past.

-Humanity=> Detestable days, shrouded by ignorance … only near the end was it pleasant-


-Soul=>An important part of any arrancar’s breakfast-


-Hollow=>It begins.-


+ Hueco Mundo: Life








-Menos Grande=>Evolution's Final Course-


+Gillian: Rebirth




+Adjucha: Another Side




+Vasto Lorde: Ending?


-Arrancar=>The Final Piece of the Puzzle-


+ Neverending Journey






RP Sample:
(Every italicized portion in the history is an example of my role-play style … and some parts of the history, most notably the Arrancar and later Menos portion take on the style of how I normally write for posts)

-39 years ago-

”Masterrrrrrr! Fight me!” the boy called out, with that constant sweet voice of his. If one were to disregard the words he spoke, and listened to the sound of his voice, they’d assume a very young and foolish child to be speaking. Actually, they wouldn’t be that far off, as the diminutive arrancar with bright mismatched eyes gazed at his ‘master,’ the Novena Espada.

”Ah … Merrow. I’m sorry, kiddo. Just not in the mood for sparring today, maybe some other time” the elder arrancar smiled at the boisterous request, not concerned the slightest bit at the seeming idiocy of this request.

‘… Merrow …’ the child repeated the name to himself. It had been over a century and he was called that name every single day in the years past, yet he still couldn’t adjust to it. His mind drifted slightly, as was his tendency to wander mentally at the most inappropriate of times.

----Flashback in a flashback, GASP!----

”You have a name, kiddo?” the Master, and his Lord inquired of him, voice a bit gruff and exhausted, most likely from having acquired a troublesome Fraccion. The boy shook his head, a little too soon in response, as he realized he had went by a name during his time as a Hollow.

The varying color orbs gazed at the, to his perspective, giant Espada, whose carved features implied a sense of annoyance by how he acted. That only made him more nervous, as he stammered out that nickname given to him by ‘friends’ in the past.


”Hn. Definitely aren’t a cheery kid are you, huh? … … Hmmmm.” the bemused Espada took a few paces about, pondering something. The boy wondered what on earth could cause the Espada to behave like this. From the perception he had, and his lack of interaction with virtually any living thing that was stronger than he was, he wondered if the Novena was thinking about how to kill him. Until the voice of his master called out the name that would be his for however long he would live.




”Merrow! Don’t space out on me now!”
the voice called to him, the voice of his greatly respected master, and now greatest obstacle.

”Ah? Oh, sorry master. But … I’m afraid that you don’t get a choice this time.” he grumbled aloud, rudely being brought back into the present. His left arm reached to hilt of the sword he kept by his side, a weapon that was truly not his, but he used it due to a deeper connection to it than most would assume. And the fact that the tricks he could pull of with it were more hilarious then people could expect.

His blade was drawn swiftly, and now the younger Azerium glared at his ‘master,’ his foster father. His face was no longer full of cheer, his sweet phrasing in the sound and tone of his voice had ended in his last statement, and now he stood here in the presence of the man he was most grateful for, blade drawn and with all intent on striking him down. His grim expression, a solemn smile in place of the mad grin, mad it clear that he was being selfish, but didn’t want to be.

He wanted to be an Espada, and easiest way was to open a spot in the ranks via killing a man he knew very well, and felt that he could defeat. But the pangs of human emotion coupled with his general behavior prevented him from wanting to go all-out, and thus his harsher nature was not turned upon his enemy. At least, not for the time being, as his eyes gazed at the darkening expression of the Novena.

Shock and disbelief, which then slowly morphed into anger upon his face. Anger at his ingratitude? At his arrogance? It mattered not, as the Novena soundlessly stood, a habit of his when enraged and wanting to beat someone into a bloody pulp. His drew his own blade, a two-handed blade that he easily hefted with a single hand. The silence of his master brought a the faint curls of his trademark smile, as he knew that he was going to be in for the fight of his life, here. Merrow Azerium had challenged the man responsible for his existence as an arrancar, and he had implied that it would be more than a duel for rank, that he would strike down his friend, mentor, and father without much a second thought when the clash would begin.

The two rushed at each other, blades at the ready, and soon those weapons clashed against –

He awoke with a start, memories from a distant past had floated in his mind. He lifted up his head from where it had rested and groaned, trying to rub his sore forehead, but only to rub against the mask fragment there.

’What was I doing?’ he inquired, mentally, while also cursing, again mentally, about how his mask fragment had to be on his forehead of all places. And then he noticed the utensil in his hand that vaguely looked like a pen … and the paper underneath it … and the scrawled writing in the most random code he ever created in his life while bored.

”Oh yeah. Just writing … stuff … down” he mumbled, while setting down said tool to yawn a bit. What had he been recording? Or did he even want to know? The arrancar’s head drooped a bit before landing against his arms that fold atop each other on the table.

’Think I’ll just nap some more’
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Segunda Etapa added.

New natural ability "Regeneration" added.

Awaiting re-approval.
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Oh, wait, yeah... Approved.
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