In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Haru (Captain of 9th Division)

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PostSubject: Haru (Captain of 9th Division)   Haru (Captain of 9th Division) Icon_minitimeWed Apr 10, 2013 7:13 pm

Shinigami Template

Shinigami Information

Name: Haru Senshi
Age: 350 (looks 20 years old)
Gender: Male
Squad: 9
Rank: Captain

Ability Information

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Heizu
Type: Katana
Spirit Manifestation:
Spirit World:
Spirit Personality: Heizu is a silent, yet generous person. His imagination for Soul Society is very dull, and his relationship with Haru is yet stale. Heizu loves fighting with Haru, with there ability to control ash he consider's that they'll be able to get through the hardest challenges. Heizu tends to have a toothpick in his mouth, just like Haru usually has. Heizu doesn't usually sleep, he has a large imagination but it programs to quick. Which can explain the spirit world.

Shikai Information

Name: Hai kattā
Release Phrase: Blaze, Hai kattā!

Shikai Ability Information

Name: Ash Manipulation
Type: Elemental
Range: 75 meters
Description: After releasing his blade, his sword dissolves into Ash as it hovers over him. The ash is under his complete control, while he holds his blade. During his Shikai, there's about 68 kilograms of ash in the air which equal up to 150 pounds of it. They are fast and powerful as Haru's Spiritual Energy. The ash can shape to different sizes and forms. When they approach the lower surface the ash begins to expand because the pressure is low, and the lower surface is the more ash Haru is able to manipulate. Haru is able to breath in Ash, as he has the ability to use it.

Bankai Information

Name: Shinseina Hai
Appearance: An arena which expands up to 15 meters long and 5 meters wide trapping whoever's in there.

Bankai Ability Information

Name: Shinseina Hai
Type: Elemental
Range: 30 meters long and 15 meters wide
Description: Once calling out his bankai, the ash then comes back over him, then highers to five feet in the air, this marks the top of the barrier. The ash spreads though out a total length of 30 meters long and has a height of 15 meters. It expands in a moment of seconds. While in the barrier Haru is unaffected by the loss of oxygen, but whoever else is in there friend or foe is affected. While in that barrier, Haru can draw Asauchi's from the ash making it form like a real katana. This being said Haru can also manipulate the ash from the barrier, but not all at the same time. The durability of the barrier is his Spiritual Energy x [1.5], the speed and fore of the ash from the barrier is his spiritual Energy x [1.25]. Basically the ash is as strong as his great will.

Extra Information

Personality: Haru is a focused and vengeful captain, taking pride in district 9 he wishes to train each one of them. Haru focuses more on extending his power, as coming to Soul Society he always wanted to joined Division 9 due to the Shinigami who sent him there. As growing up to become a Shinigami, he avenged the hollow which took away his friends arm. He became vengeful for whoever talked trash about him or his friends. Haru still today focuses on his one dream.
Likes: Zanpukto, Kido, Bankai, Training, Sleeping
Dislikes: Cocky Opponents, Lazyiness, Slacking off.
Fears: To meet death in the future
Hopes/Dreams: To sub-due his own limits.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
History: Haru Senshi was born in the state of texas, as an orphan. He had deep jealously for the kids would be able to take vacations and go to restaurants with there family. Haru didn't have any brother's or sisters, and even heard rumors of his father committing suicide when he was 10 years old. His life wasn't going so well, at the age of 16 the orphanage had budget cuts and threw him off into an apartment. Haru became a Con-Man committing mass Tax Fraud, he couldn't help it all to begin with. His high school was poor as a matter of fact, Haru became rather stubborn and ungrateful after a month or two. He made a turn into the wrong street, and bumped into a gang of outlaws. He was stabbed at and punched at until he fell to the floor. Haru tried to fight back, but as a gun was drawn close he began to see his life flash before his eyes. He saw that his mother was dead but his father was still out there, as the gun fired it hit him straight in the chest. Three more shots were fired by the members of that gang, Haru died that day. Waking up to be a soul, he noticed that the gang was leaving. He began to run to them, but just blended through them. He didn't know what had happen, but they didn't hear his calls. He turned to see his body and began to notice what was actually going on here. Haru wondered if he was going to Heaven or hell, but for one thing he knew that he wasn't dead.

Being a soul was odd for him, for three months straight he tried to search for someone like a ghost whisperer. But instead he was discovered by a Hollow, he at first did not know what the hell that was and what it was doing. But it seemed it could sense Haru, later Haru noticed that humans could not see it. Hollows began to fight like the survival for the fittest and hunted down Haru. Finally they cornered him, when out came a shinigami activating his Shikai and then taking all of them down by cutting them from there masks. The Shinigami then told him his division name before sending him to Soul Society. He stayed in the town of the souls who were there, for about 150 years he made a living there. He then, at the age of 18 became a Soul Reaper. At first he was uneasy about this and nervous to meet everyone else. But it was easy to make friends there, and everyone seemed on the same page.

He was appointed to Division 9, which was kind of ironic to him. The divisions captain seemed to be the same person who had saved him all those years ago, and there didn't seem to be any Vice-Captain there. It seemed that they were absent for every meeting taking place. Years of progress and training, the captain stepped down from his post and Haru stood up. And to this day he is profound as the 9th division leader.
RP Sample: Haru woke up and fell asleep.
Family: Unknown

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Ivan Ivanosk Ivanisky

Ivan Ivanosk Ivanisky

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PostSubject: Re: Haru (Captain of 9th Division)   Haru (Captain of 9th Division) Icon_minitimeFri Apr 12, 2013 1:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Haru (Captain of 9th Division)   Haru (Captain of 9th Division) Icon_minitimeFri Apr 12, 2013 1:42 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Haru (Captain of 9th Division)   Haru (Captain of 9th Division) Icon_minitime

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Haru (Captain of 9th Division)
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