In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Captain Commander-san WIP-ish but DONE

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PostSubject: Captain Commander-san WIP-ish but DONE   Captain Commander-san WIP-ish but DONE Icon_minitimeWed Apr 10, 2013 3:18 pm

Shinigami Template

Shinigami Information

Name: Kuroden Fuuinjuken Bushinji
Age: 2518
Gender: Male
Squad: 1
Rank: Captain Commander
Looks: 25 lolololol
Captain Commander-san WIP-ish but DONE 211029

Ability Information

Name: Martial Arts Mastery
Type: Miscellaneous
Range: N/A
Description: While the extent of his proficiency in hand-to-hand combat is not known, his standing as one of the Kawahiru Dojang's masters as well as the Captain of Squad 1 and Captain Commander of the soul Society's military force places him as a known hand to hand combat specialist in every sense of the world.

hHe utilizes a unique form of hand-to-hand combat by combining traits of different martial arts. It is shown that he has immense knowledge of Jujutsu, Muay Thai, Kendo, and with the addition of other martial arts, forged his own unique form of the aforementioned style. Hhe is capable of instantly shifting the balance ratio between skills and raw strength in his techniques, in which he can throw away any form of skill for sheer raw strength in his strikes, or abandon raw strength and use only skill, both cases of which are extremely effective.

Range: Same as Reiatsu Pressure
Description: Telequinesia is a factor based on the fact that he isn't full shinigami. Anyone that is encompassed in the area of effect of his spiritual pressure, including himself, is subject to his telekinetic ability. One with greater spiritual ability than himself though, can easily out themselves from the grip of said power but someone of equal or less is full subject to it. The ability allows him to know who and what comes into the range of it and react accordingly.

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Vampata
Type: Badass
Spirit Manifestation:
Spirit World:
Spirit Personality: Vampata's personality is something that can be described in several manners, the ones he prefers most being accompanied by very specific descriptions. Ones using words such as, sedistic, cruel, demonic, unforgiving, unrelenting, hateful, honest, hate-mongering, gruesome, crucial , and down right mean. In most instances, Vampata, would prefer to be left alone. Usually he snaps at anyone or anything that disturbs him be it another zanpakuto's spirit, another sentient being such as shinigami or otherwise, or even his own master. The very few instances where he doesn't completely explode in rage at being included (dragged against his own will) in conversations are usually stricken up by his master, Kuroden, or one of the two pieces to the only person his master has shown specific interest in or at least enough to actually set them out from the rest of the soul society. Only once did Vampata get out of line in reference to Saori. Being that her zanpakuto Leviathan was water based and he, was of course fire based the fact that Leviathan made attempts to will himself into Vampata's space as an assertion of dominance caused a battle to ensue. Before it could proceed any further than a small bit of a showing of power Kuroden manifested himself and used his spiritual pressure to push back the diving Leviathan and the soaring Vampata. The zanpakuto spirit holds respect for very little, Kuroden being the majority of such, but in that one instant where his power and pride was belittled he gained something of a slight hatred for the man even given the fact that he was keeping his own power safe from the slimy whale like being. In his mentality killing is nothing but a sport that has to be done to maintain order which slightly contradicts what it's owner believes. In usual cases though Vampata will try to influence Kuroden's mind, usually to no avail, only to have the battles that they face end faster than Kuroden would like. Being that he is the Captain Commander, the male is forced to try to find truth and justice in situations where Vampata would rather kill all parties involved. Being a narcicist is something that comes natural to Vampata. Of all of the Zanpakuto spirits of soul society he is one of the oldest and most powerful and is not by any means afraid to show it. That usually makes for intense situations and if given the chance to manifest and handle a situation for Kuroden he choses to follow orders to the loosest letter, killing any and everything he could in the most gruesome way possible, all for his own demented entertainment.

Shikai Information

Name: Vampata Vero
Release Phrase: Bury their lies in the bowels of predition

Shikai Ability Information

Name: Fagocitare
Type: Kido-Fire Melee-Contact
Range: Indefinite trolololol
Description: Once the release phrase is muttered the dual silver dragon eyes kata, explode into flames disappearing completely and enveloping Kuroden. The flames cover his arms and back, appearing as two large, flaming, angelic wings spanning a total of about three meters a piece with them being 12 meters tip to tip fully extended. Upon release two things happen simultaneously. A neurowave is sent from Kuroden's person a full mile at it's weakest that paralyzes friend or foe alike and dispells any kido based attack that is weaker than that of his own spiritual energy's output. At the same time the flames surrounding his body release an invisible haze from his person that spreads at a rate of about a quarter mile a post passively. This smoke, if inhaled, scrambles the neurosignals to the brain leaving a person completely stunned and immobilized for the duration of the release or until they over power it with an equal or stronger burst of spiritual power and reiatsu. Albeit the speed of the smoke can be doubled if Kuroden chose to move it faster than normal and increased in greater inervals if it is focused rather than spread in every direction simultaneously. The fires surrounding his person burn at a temperature of 3,500 K. These flames can easily be spread as far as Kuroden wills at about 1.25x his rate of speed. It is not unusual for him to expel flames in a dome like format to surround fleeing enemies and to bring said dome towards his person causing an implosion. Being that the heat of his flames is so intense if summoned fast enough Kuroden can create explosions, completely controlling the blast radius of them by distorting or increasing the heat.

Bankai Information

Name: Unknown to general Public
Appearance: Unknown to general Public

Bankai Ability Information

Name: Unknown to General Public
Type: Unknown to General Public
Range: Unknown to General Public
Description: Unknown to General Public

Extra Information

Personality: Kuroden is known to be a man of benevolence when it comes to any and all of his insubordinate comrades, rank withstanding. They are all even in every way save Saori. As much as Kuroden teases and prods at her for varying reasons, usually her breasts, he has not even once shot out to her in anger. To all who know him he is a man that seems to always keep a level head and sound heart for all of his comrades, even ones who make attempt to challenge him or even desert the soul society being shown in his experience against the Vaizards that made way from there with only scars and warnings that should the illegality of their existence come before him again his actions wouldn't be nearly as forgiving.

Killing is something that the man is foreign to and is an activity that he takes more pleasure in than he would like to admit. While most people who spend enough time with him believe his zanpakutou spirit evil by comparision to the man who wields it, Vampata is actually the lesser of two evils. As in any case it is a reflection of his own soul. In most instances Kuroden tries to bury his bloodlust, but once he releases it comes out in a manner in which no enemy should take lightly. The releasing of Vampata to him is either one of two things: A sign of great respect of an opponent or a signal that you've been met with an intensive force meant to do nothing but decimate you where you stood. And at that point in time where you are intended for death, Kuroden enacts his will mercilessly.

As far as love goes it's not something that Kuroden is necessarily foreign to, but it isn't something that he has actually admitted to. Of course he knows for a fact that he loves Saori, but oddly enough he isn't sure how to go about it so he goes to the most primal of all male instincts towards women with whom they don't know how to describe their feelings for. He teases her. Usually she takes it in stride but there are times where the lass will strike out at Kuroden. Given the fact that she is one of the few people he allows close and is near on par to his average without any work, it makes for fun times for him to be chased by her, the joking around being usually the only amount of horseplay he entertains.

Despite the fact that his demeanor is usually a mixture between serious and carefree most can't ascertain the true depth of his personality, but it is very usually a short range depending on who he is dealing with. Underneath the shell of the usual, Kuroden is more gentle than not caring for those that come to know that side of him. But as it would stand that gentleness is one half of a constant flipping coin, the other side being a monumental testament to his rage and malice. Situation to situation he can be either a savior or a harbinger of destruction and no remorse is shown for either side as it is a mere depiction of what you have forced his hand to be.
Likes: Eating, Sleeping, Training, Teasing Saori, Tactical situations, War, WINNING.
Dislikes: Fear, dishonour, Vaizards, Arrancar, Quincy, Bounts, Fullbringers, Shinigami without ambition.
Fears: The dismemberment of the SS, Losing Saori, Admitting his feelings for Saori, Losing, Not being able to protect his home.
Hopes/Dreams: To be remembered as the greatest shinigami to ever live. To protect soul society with his life. To actually have enough power to admit the truth to himself.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Stricken
History: Unknown as he is the oldest Shinigami still living.
RP Sample:
Family: Saori - Love interest/Student/Pet

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PostSubject: Re: Captain Commander-san WIP-ish but DONE   Captain Commander-san WIP-ish but DONE Icon_minitimeWed Apr 10, 2013 4:05 pm

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Captain Commander-san WIP-ish but DONE
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