In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Daniel [Tercera Espada]

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PostSubject: Daniel [Tercera Espada]   Daniel [Tercera Espada] Icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 9:03 pm

Arrancar Template

Arrancar Information

Name: Daniel Frost
Aliases: Frosty, Tercera
Age: 678 (appears 20)
Gender: Male
Rank: Tercera Espada
Warning Large Image:
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Muscle: 40%
Location of Hollow Hole: Throat

Ability Information

Name: Pesquisa
Type: -
Range: 100 meter radius
Description: Pesquisa is an advanced detection method used by Arrancars which can be used to detect sources of reiatsu and/or gauge the sources. The user's range with this technique highly depends on their own source of reiatsu. OOC the user can look at the opponent's reiatsu stat and use that knowledge IC.

Name: Hierro
Type: -
Range: -
Description: Hierro is a technique used my Arrancar to condense their reiryoku into a densely packed shield skin which has enough durability to block a normal zanpakuto. This increases the person's durability by 50% passively.

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Koribachi
Type: Elemental [Ice]
Warning Large Image:

Resurrection Information

Release Phrase: Freeze all in your path!
Warning Large Image:
Element: Ice
Adjuchas Representation:
Warning Large Image:

Resurrection Ability Information

Name: Ice Form
Type: Elemental/Physical
Range: He can manipulate and create ice in up to a 10 foot radius.
Description: Daniel, having an ice manifestation as his zanpakuto spirit, is able to lower his external and internal body temperatures without harm to himself which radiates the freezing temperature from his body at temperatures as low as -105 degrees Farenheit within seconds. In this form he also gains the ability to freeze any moisture in the air around him into hard ice and thereby be able to farm simple objects such as slides, weapons, and shields. Not only can he create the cold he can also remove the heat from things causing living things to freeze and die or for nonliving things to become cold and frozen. If a part of his ice form were to be broken off, say a limb for example, he could use the moisture in the air to recreate the missing part. With that ability he can also use the moisture to enhance his strength and durability by reshaping his ice form at will. He can freely change between this form and his normal form. The ice can be created and manipulated at 75% if the user's reiatsu stat.

Name: Blizzard Aura
Type: Elemental
Range: 50 meter radius
Description: Daniel with his mastery in ice and cold weather has trained enough in his resurreccion to be able to create an artificial blizzard in the area in which he is fighting in. The blizzard aura causes a severe snowstorm with high winds to cover the battlefield. It does not matter where they are when the blizzard is created meaning clouds will form and snow will fall even if they are in the middle of the desert. The snow storm takes one post to form after the user uses the ability. This is mostly an aesthetic ability used to make the fighting area snowy. The blizzard is formed from wherever the user was standing when used and it cannot be moved after used.

Name: Zero's Breath
Type: Elemental
Range: The length of the cone is 10 feet, while the width increases by 1 foot for every 1 foot increase in length starting at 0 feet at the mouth.
Description: In Daniel's resurreccion he gains the ability to breath out a cone of frost wind at the enemy, the frost wind being blown out of his mouth is the temperature of absolute zero meaning that anything it touches will freeze instantly. On top of freezing something wherever the frost touches it freeze everything around it. For example if Daniel were to breath frost onto an opponent's arm the ice would slowly move up to their shoulder and eventually freeze their whole body encasing them in ice. If whatever they are freezing has liquids inside of them the liquids would frozen along with the freezing process. The speed of the freezing is equal to one limb per post. If another player has a higher reiatsu stat than the user the breath will feel like a cold breeze and nothing more. If another player has the same reiatsu stat tier as the user the ice can be broken in a post.

Extra Information

Family: Segundo ("sister")
Laid Back and Charming
Daniel is quite a fun and loving guy who ensures to make his life as pleasant as possible. He enjoys spending time with other people in a socializing manner making him the definition of a conversation starter. On top of that he is also intelligent, expressive, smooth and charming, always aiming to be the center of attention and attraction, loving it when the spotlight is put on him. He absolutely detests being alone as he cannot stand boredom, although even when he is in an environment where there is nothing to do he will soon work his way around it creating a multitude of opportunities to ease himself of that "annoyance". His lust for life ensures that others feel comfortable in his company and that he quickly gets to know people and how they work. People like him get the best out of every moment, attempting to make the best out of any and every situation handed to him. He also has a gift where he shuns all care in the world making his life and the lives around him one fun and continuous party. Boredom is unknown in his presence because he is very good at carrying others away with his enthusiasm, his good mood and his optimism.

Determined and Strategical
Daniel also, very much so, likes to hold responsibility for anything that is going on and is always welcome to any new challenges that he may come across on his travels. This leaves him as a very stable and trustworthy person. Having friends and good contacts is very important to Daniel because it allows him to have a variety of sources whenever he may need something. He is also an excellent organiser making sure to think everything through completely before actually conducting it and he gets very pleased with himself when everything is done correctly and on time. He can quickly react in any situation, pulling a new plan from thin air within time one could blink their eyes. He does prefer structured work which produces visible results quickly to abstract, but that doesn't flaw any of his rapid thinking in the process. He has no problem with routine as long as it serves the purpose he is going for, otherwise whoever's or whatever's routine it was will have to work with his schedule. He, very much, dislikes anything unexpected and unpredictable as it would interrupt the plan already at hand and he would need to rearrange everything he had once set up. Once he has made a commitment to a cause he is willing to sacrifice anything and everything to make it work if necessary.
- An interesting fight.
- Conversing with others.
- Sculpting
- Being ordered around, especially by one who is weaker.
- Losing in a competition.
- When people categorize all Arrancars and Hollows as bad.
Fears: Of all things Daniel could be afraid of it is butterflies, they freak the shit out of him with their creepy little eyes and creepy little wings and their creepy little everything else. He wishes for their existence to be erased from this world.
Hopes/Dreams: His dream is to create a utopia where Arrancars and Hollows alike can live in peace with no interruption from the Shinigami or any others, but knows it is a long process and is patient enough to take his time with it.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle. (Not really, fuck off.)
History: Just like all other hollows of Hueco Mundo Daniel begun as a simple creature roaming the desert fending off other weaklings like himself off just to survive, over a period of time his thirst for power grew to a point where he couldn't just rely on the rare human to eat, he had to rely on eating other hollows of his ranking to quench the begging. Through his thirst the constant battling grew and grew until the merging process with other Hollows began and with this he gained power eventually becoming a Menos. In this form he could not recall much as they are the most brainless of the different forms of Hollows, but he did in fact remain conscious unlike the others he was born to be around and his thirst continued. Attacking the much larger beasts he soon gained enough power to once again evolve into a new state in the life cycle of the Hollow, the Adjucha form. Every hollow has their own Adjucha form making them all unique in different ways, in Daniel's case he had become a wolf-like creature that seemed to be merged with ice if that were to make any sense to anyone. All Adjucha are still prone to reverting back to their original state as a Gillian if they do not continue the path of aggression. Daniel needed to kill with seemingly no end to become what he has become to this very day. Throughout his life as a Gillian he started to wear out more and more the constant fighting was exhausting him. Larger groups banding together started coming for him knowing that they would be his next targets if they didn't do anything. One day Daniel was up against a group of six other Adjucha, he knew there was no way he could get out, but he did not accept death and continued to fight after he was down to three of them left it was too overwhelming and he almost passed out until he was saved. A fellow Adjucha had come to his rescue, for what reason though would someone help him, he had know idea, but he was grateful. He watched as the magnificent creature slaughtered the remaining enemies. She walked up to him helping him up. Without much energy, he barely managed the thank her. Days passed as the two began to become more acquainted with each other working together to fight anyone that stood in their way, they were an unstoppable team that feared no one. Daniel knew that without her help he would have died and decided that he would make it his life's goal to protect her as she protected him, she had become like a sister to him. Finally becoming Vasto Lordes taking up their humanoid forms the two decided to relocate to the depths of Hueco Mundo where they wouldn't have to bother with the weak and less important Hollows. There they met up with the very few other Vasto Lordes soon finding out that there was chance to even go beyond the power of a Vasto Lorde, they had not thought such a thing possible. Intrigued by this they went to learn the processes required to earn this advanced state. After intense research they discovered it was necessary to remove their Hollow mask in order to go beyond and that's what they intended to do. Once they removed their masks the learned of the Espada organization that has been created for the top ten most experienced Arrancar there were, they made that the final box on their checklist to becoming the strongest in all of Hueco Mundo. To pursue this dream it required for them to train constantly day after day for years. Not wanting other to learn of their strengths and weaknesses they never once used their Resurrección in front of another who was not worthy or strong enough to see it. Finally up to date Daniel holds the spot of the Tercera Espada, the fourth strongest person in all of Hueco Mundo, while his acquaintance holds the Segundo position right above him.
RP Sample: Daniel woke up, then went to bed.
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PostSubject: Re: Daniel [Tercera Espada]   Daniel [Tercera Espada] Icon_minitimeFri Apr 12, 2013 12:29 am

You Icy-Bitch. Approved.
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