In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Saori Sumeragi (VC of Squad 1)

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Saori Sumeragi

Saori Sumeragi

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PostSubject: Saori Sumeragi (VC of Squad 1)   Saori Sumeragi (VC of Squad 1) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 5:27 pm

Shinigami Template

Shinigami Information

Name: Saori Sumeragi
Age: 2100
Gender: Female
Squad: 1
Rank: Vice Captain (VC)
Looks: Saori has natural long midnight-purple hair which is kept in a traditional japanese style, but whenever she enters a battle with an intent to kill, she has a habit of undoing her hairstyle, letting her long purple hair flow freely. She has light-pink eyes that glow bright pink when she is using any form of spiritual energy, and wears a soft pink lipstick. Saori is shown to have a slender yet noticeably curvaceous frame, which, despite her age, makes her appear to have the frame of a young adult. Her beauty has been pointed out several times and she's been called the most beautiful woman in the world by several naturalists - namely, Kuroden. Her beauty is noted by many allies and enemies alike: Syaoran Utakata claimed that her beauty is second only to that of Soul Society's Keisei, while others such as André Riccardi and Jihan Kanda claim she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Despite Saori normally looking calmly and sirene, when she is angered, she looks very intimidating, nearly frightening Kizaru Moji when the latter nearly killed Minato. Saori is shown to have "massive" breasts, as coined b, appearing to be larger than that of even Shiori Miyamoto. They are said to be J-Cup by Japanese standards, exceeding the sizes of more notable women such as Rangiku Matsumoto. Due to their size, Kuroden comically often states that they "have their own gravitational pull." When in the human world, Saori is depicted in average human clothing, consisting of a pink suit and a short black skirt. While in her teacher garb, she keeps her hair in a japanese knot. However, when outside of her gigai, she is shown to let her hair go loose. Saori wears traditional priestess clothing, complete with a dark red hakama kept on by a robe-comprised obi. Her top is a silk kimono that fully seems to cover her chest. The upper parts of her arms are visible, as both the shoulder and sleeves are separated from one another, though kept together by small red laces. The ends of her sleeves end in tan grey edges, designed with similar red laces that run around the horizontal edges of the sleeves. Saori wears a dark red tomoe necklace around her neck.

Once she allied herself with Kuroden, her "owner", in a sense due to her relationship with the man, Saori took to wearing a very short purple Chinese dress which shows her cleavage and belly button. She is probably the most mature-looking person, let alone woman, in Squad 1. Like her friend Shiori, she has a well-developed body figure as well as being the most firm (Shiori being the second most firm). She always ties her hair up after waking up and is often seen with an alcohol bottle. Despite this being her normal attire, along with her Miko attire, Saori enjoys wearing a medley of rather revealing clothing during moments of leisure. While in the World of the Living, Saori dresses in rather casual clothing, consisting of a blue blouse with a short skirt, along with a light yellow jacket, which show off her curvaceous figure. It should also be noted that Saori wears glasses when in the human world, and keeps her hair in curls, as opposed to the way she keeps it normally.

While training at the Dojang, Saori wears a small pink kimono and long purple stockings. Underneath, she wears bandages over her chest and a fundoshi. At times, she's also seen wearing a variation of her former Miko attire, although with a more provocative feel to its style. This makes Saori one of the few women to have a medley of outfits to be seen in during significant events. Near the ending stages of the Jinki Reckoning, the massive attack that led to the extinction of her race save for Kuroden, Saori begins to wear a more traditional uniform. It consists of a tight leather top that reveals the shape of her large breasts, a miniskirt and stockings, and wears a grey haori over her shoulders with a rather unique crest printed on both frontal areas; it is presumed that this crest is a symbol of the Miko. In regards to her leather top, she constantly complains that "her large breasts continue to suffocate her during battle", much to Kuroden's chagrin and appeal. She wears her blade on her hip, the same area where Kuroden keeps his Zanpakuto. It is sometimes shown that she wears the haori as Kuroden does, instead of keeping it over her shoulders, but this is only shown at certain intervals.

Saori will often wear the traditional clothing of ancient japanese Jujutsu, which consists of a white kosode that is fashionably designed with red stitching running down the sides of the robe, and connect the torso with each of the sleeves with the same sort of stitching. Her kosode is usually left open slightly, enough to reveal her impressive cleavage. On each side of the respective sleeves is similar stitching which is designed to form an eye-like picture, with two opposite-facing curves and a small circle in the center of those two curved lines. Due to her kosode being unique, it is also relatively shorter than most, ending right at her waist (potentially due to her abnormal breast size). The edges of her kosode are colored with a light soft gold color. She wears lavender hakama which, due to the shortened kosode, reveal her naked upper thighs on each side of her body, with two straps tied on each side of the hakama. She wears a light brown tomoe necklace around her neck crafted from sandalwood, which has the effect of throwing off scent-based sensoring techniques. Saori is usually seen wearing her martial arts clothing whenever she trains Minato or Hinata, but tends to be seen in this uniform whenever she intends to confront someone in a one-on-one fight, upholding the sacred fighting rules of her martial arts.

Ability Information

Name: Immense Spiritual Pressure
Type: Miscellaneous
Range: One Mile Radius
Description: According to Kuroden, even by Seijin-level standards, Saori possesses tremendous spiritual energy. While not projected as spiritual pressure, Saori's reiryoku quantities are monstrously vast, to the point where Kuroden once feared to even attempt to sense her presence, for fear of feeling lost in their spiritual power. The color of it is shown to be silk pink, and at times, can even turn into a more white color. However, the color is shown to revert to a light purple when releasing her Mikodo power. Similar to aspects of a koi fish, Saori's spiritual power possesses purification elements; being almost holy, to which demons fear to come near her. In fact, it's purification power is so great, that no Hollow can come into contact with Saori's reiatsu without being purified. It leaves a warming presence whenever she allowed her energy to flow. Saori is also able to erect barriers and break seals with her energy. In the past, as one of the Hakko Ichiu, Saori boasted an impressive amount of spiritual power, enough to bring down anyone to their knees with a single glance. Back then, even Uragato Ichijin, a man known for his immense power, commented how her presence was monstrously overwhelming; becoming even more unbearable when Saori's anger was invoked. She was called a "beautiful monster" by the other Hakko Ichiu because of this, prompting a great many of them to not get on her bad side.

Name: Emotional Perception
Type: Miscellaneous
Range: Immediate Vicinity
Description: Saori is occasionally able to see a person's emotions in physical form. To her, the darkness in someones soul appeares as heavy, black robes constantly weighing them down, even when they may be laughing or smiling. When Raian Getsueikirite felt remorse for his failure to defeat Dante, Saori noticed a strange purple aura surrounding the brown-haired man. She is also able to easily track someone by a specific combination of personaility traits, in which she is able to find hidden opponents by simply noticing their hue.

Name: Expert Swordsmanship Specialist
Type: Miscellaneous
Range: N/A
Description: Trained by Kuroden, Saori is skilled in the art of swordsmanship, usually only employing her sword when she faces a opponent with a drawn weapon. Her body flows elegantly when engaging in combat, so finely tuned that she can stop her attacks at a moment's notice and subsequently execute lethal attacks with absolute precision. Kuroden comically claims that the only thing stopping Saori from achieving masterful technique is that fact that her large breasts get in the way of her sword forms. Despite this, Saori shows exceptional usage of Kendo sword techniques. It should be noted that even though her sword attacks are strong and lethal, similar to that of her hand-to-hand fighting style, she focuses her style entirely on skills. She will only utilize enough force to shatter the opposing blade of her opponent, and nothing further, as she dislikes shedding blood. Her method of flying through the air with her sword attacks has led to Kuroden promptly nicknaming this as "zero gravity" fighting, with him describing the way she fights with her sword as "being like a feather that can slice through the wind".

Name: Immense Speed
Type: Miscellaneous
Range: N/A
Description: Saori's movements are fast enough that it is normally impossible to notice the path she takes from where she left to the area she appears next. She is shown to be capable of keeping up with Kuroden's speed with effort added, a feat that is accomplished by very few. It doesn't seem as though she uses any sort of Hoho technique, but she seems to generate a flash of energy at her feet and even around her body sometimes. Saori can easily close tremendous gaps of distance in the blink of an eye while remaining undetected, as shown from her ability to surprise Kuroden, who is one of the most proficient in the art as well. In addition, she can appear to be in several places at once.

Name: Illusionary Clone Preference
Type: Hado
Range: N/A
Description: Using her immense levels of speed in multiple instantaneous short bursts, Saori can appear to create solid clones of herself. It is unknown how many she can form at any one time as she has been seen creating anywhere between a single clone to near a hundred. They are indistinguishable from her true self, and are capable of individual movement. Even when used in battle, the clones will appear to take on solid characteristics (such as being able to make contact with physical attacks, and being hit by an opponent's attack), but eventually fade away due to being illusionary. (3 posts).

Name: Martial Arts Mastery
Type: Miscellaneous
Range: N/A
Description: While the extent of her proficiency in hand-to-hand combat is not known, her standing as one of the Kawahiru Dojang's masters as well as the Vice Captain of Squad 1 implies she has great ability. Kuroden has openly declared her to be a master of the martial arts. It is clear that she holds great acrobatic talent, normally catching Kuroden off-guard by hanging upside down from the ceiling of the Dojang.

Like her owner however, she utilizes a unique form of hand-to-hand combat by combining traits of different martial arts. It is shown that she has immense knowledge of Jujutsu, and with the addition of other martial arts, forged her own unique form of the aforementioned style. She is capable of instantly shifting the balance ratio between skills and raw strength in her techniques, in which she can throw away any form of skill for sheer raw strength in her strikes, or abandon raw strength and use only skill, both cases of which are extremely effective.

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Leviathan (リバイアサン Ribaiasan)
Type: Katana
Appearance: Ribaiasan, or Leviathan, yields as a standard-sized katana, which is worn on her back, given to her by Kuroden as a birthday gift (it should be noted that she would've preferred jewelry, in lieu of a weapon). The sword is unique in the fact that it resonates to Saori's spiritual energy. While not often, she uses it during battles of which she has sworn to kill her opponent. It sports a dark lavender-colored circular tsuba, with small protrusions at each ninety-degree interval, and a long tooth-like design wrapped around the hilt's collar. The hilt itself is a pink color, and the sheath is a makeshift grip of bandages.

Ribaiasan actually shares a symbiotic and extremely close relationship with its wielder - dominantly depending on their spiritual energy in order to thrive and produce effective results to yield during combat. Due to this primary drawback, in order to even utilize the katana, one must possess an incredulous amount of spiritual energy and be capable of exerting a tremendous level of spiritual pressure to even think about activating its first level Shikai release.


Spirit Manifestation:
Spirit World: The world in which Ribaiasan resides is actually a deviant and distant wasteland of water supposedly located in the freezing waters of Antarctica. Followed by thousands upon thousands of miles into the deep and ever-darkening ocean, one would find that Ribaiasan is alive and well, and big enough to drag a massive battleship underwater just with the drag of its tail due to its massive body weight.

Appearance Quality & Traits:

  • Tooth Length: 1' 18" Long, Serrated and Curved
  • Locating Method: Sensitive Echolocation
  • Size/Weight of Body: 20.5 Meters in Length (89 Feet), Weighing in at 214,500 Kg (214.5 Metric Tons)
  • Size/Weight of Head: 3.2 Meters in Length (10.8 Feet), Weighing in at 14,325 Kg (14.325 Metric Tons)

Spirit Personality: Not much is actually known about Ribaiasan's personality, save for that he is a cold blooded killer. He cares for nothing but his owner and the life of himself. If he doesn't know you, he doesn't give a shit. Period. Ribaiasan is, however, unique for being a sentient that gains nourishment from the spiritual energy of others and as such, the blade is at its happiest when engorged with energy that possesses both a distinctive and pleasant flavor.

Being capable of conscious thought, Ribaiasan chooses its own user, an exclusive process that has often resulted in it being thought of as notoriously picky. If someone it disapproves of attempts to wield it, spikes protrude from the handle in order to force them to release their grasp, at which point the katana will make efforts to return to its chosen owner, which is Saori.

Shikai Information

Name: Leviathan's Ressurection
Release Phrase: Ribaiasan: Kahaku (Leviathan: Emerge)

Shikai Ability Information

Name: Ribaiasan: Kahaku (Leviathan: Emerge)
Type: Hado (Elemental - Water), Melee (Contact Oriented)
Range: 10,498 Feet in Radial Size - 131 Feet in Flood Height
Description: When activated, the Katana formerly found in the hand of Saori not only grants her the capability to breathe underwater as long as she is wielding the blade - it spits out a massive volume of water from its very tip, swallowing up and crushing everything in its path with unavoidable tsunami-like waves due to its advancing surge. When used with such a tremendous amount of spiritual energy, in Saori's case fortunately, this Shikai release can actually turn an entire desert wasteland into a roaring ocean in mere seconds, covering a broad mileage level of around 1 mile in radial coverage, with its height ranging a broadened 40 Meters (131 Feet) high.

The appearance of the Katana drastically changes in appearance however - the former bandages wrapping around the sheathe actually increase in size - as the sheathe is enveloped by the oncoming scale-like features. Though mostly wrapped in bandages, Leviathan's construction is atypical in that its actual blade is comprised from a series of downward facing scales running along the entirety of its length until its hilt, at the base of which is a small series of serrated teeth. Leviathan grows larger in proportion to the amount of spiritual energy it absorbs, causing its scales to become so long that they ultimately resemble shark fins and its mouth, located at the tip of the blade, to become even more pronounced. The use of the bandages apparently helps to inhibit this growth to a certain extent.

As the blade is now made up of scales, it inflicts injuries through shredding or shaving what it comes into contact with, rather than just cutting the object in question.

Bankai Information

Name: Ribaiasan: Poseidoon's Moui (Leviathan: Poseidon's Fury)
Appearance: The image below reveals a much more lethal and raging oceanic area, though coverage does not increase, the overall danger formerly induced by the release of Saori's Shikai is increased ten-fold. The clouds above actually look watery in appearance and take on the shape and form of Ribaiasan's mouth, boasting the massive size of the hypercarnivorous whale.


Bankai Ability Information

Name: Ribaiasan: Poseidoon's Moui (Leviathan: Poseidon's Fury)
Type: Hado (Elemental - Water), Melee (Contact Oriented), Bakudo (Spiritual Absorption)
Range: Entirety of radial coverage in height and radial length.
Description: The clouds above the ocean, having now formed into the gigantic head and mouth of the massive hypercarnivorous Ribaiasan, Leviathan, whirl and grow in power by absorbing an enormous amount of spiritual energy from its owner, Saori. During this time, rain begins to fall from above and drizzle into the ocean - promptly infused with spiritual pressure to produce massive booming waves and roaring underwater currents. To promptly activate this Bankai, Saori must hold her sword in the air, shout the Release incantation as shown in the name of the Bankai and demonstrate incredible focus in order to transfer her spiritual energy into the attack itself - harnessing the power to increase the lethality of the technique overall. This means that if she is disrupted by an attack or has to move, it is immediately canceled and the environment returns to the way it was before its activation.

After a 1 post interval, Saori will thrust the sword downward, sending the massive gaping jaws of Leviathan into the ocean below. The speed in which this attacks is nearly blinding, which concurrently causes a booming thundershock to send a massive shockwave into the area, echoing for miles around, sounding similar to that of a lightning crack at its heighest peak. The attack, now physical, elemental and spiritual in nature - not only attacks any opponents in the ocean and hindering them physically, it also directly attacks their Zanpakuto, delivering a massive blow to its spiritual health, prompting many weaker than the attack to revert its form back into that of a normal, unreleased Zanpakuto. This effect however is only temporary unless the owner is killed during the attack. Although classified as a Hado, this technique also affects its targets and their attacks on a Bakudo-scale, which concurrently gorges itself on foreign spiritual energy by absorbing any incoming spiritually-oriented attack (which includes any rational Kido weaker than the user of this technique in rank). This Bankai can only be used once every twenty posts however due to the massive need for spiritual energy in order to perform.

The effect generated on the Katana is however drastically improved compared to the release of the Shikai form of the Zanpakuto. While it ordinarily remains rigid and appearance and shape, the hilt of Ribaiasan is now capable of stretching and bending to great extents, allowing the weapon to be used like a flail to rend and tear the skin from its opponents. Although it does continually absorb spiritual energy while this form is active, it also consumes the spiritual energy of Saori's opposition when contact is made with anything in connection with her opponents body, whether a parry is made on their weapon or they touch skin generally. An estimated five hits during the time this is active has determined that an released Zanpakuto will return to its unreleased form for approximately three posts before it can be activated again.

In addition to this, such an ability allows Saori to literally slice through an opponent's offensive Shikai or Bankai attacks, rendering her completely safe - though this ability can only be used on up to five oncoming attacks during a topic. However, while in this form, it seems to be unable to automatically absorb ambient spiritual energy, as in all instances where it has absorbed it are when either the opponent has had a visible aura around them or when physical contact had already been established. Due to its voracious appetite however, Ribaiasan is drawn to those whom possess large spiritual energy reserves, allowing the weapon to be used as a quasi-sensor.

While the ability to absorb spiritual energy is useful in defeating opponents, be it stronger or weaker than Saori, it is also beneficial to the user as well. The katana, as stated before, forms a symbiotic relationship with its owner, and as such, now has the ability to transfer spiritual energy absorbed from opponents to Saori, which can be used for a plethora of options ranging from regenerating from injuries or repleneshing their own spiritual energy reserves. This makes the user of this sword extremely difficult to defeat in retrospect, however, a wielder with such expertise and prowess such as Saori can take this 'fusion' one step further, by completely merging with the blade. Doing so causes Saori to become much more marine-based in appearance, growing fins, webbed hands and developing gills to breathe flawlessly underwater while moving through water with considerable ease. Saori also recieves some of Ribaiasan's capabilities while in this form, such as being able to extend scaled spikes from her body for offense, and absorbing spiritual energy when others come into direct contact with her, as well as the ability to dominantly track other spiritual signatures.
Extra Information

Personality: Similar to many women throughout the known world, Saori is shown to have a gentle and warm personality that augments her appearance. She is a passionate yet soft-spoken, and caring woman who uses honorifics when addressing those that hold a sort of importance to her, regardless of whether they are her allies or her enemies - such as is shown when Saori openly refers to Kuroden as her "owner", but never her lover or boyfriend. Saori often thinks of others before herself, risking her life to help anyone who needs her, but she is not careless and demonstrates caution at all times. She is also extremely brave when she needs tob e, going up against powerful enemies to help her friends despite clearly being outmatched, outgunned or outnumbered. Her selflessness and sense of responsibility are what pushes her to carry her burden of being the only survivor of her people, save for Kuroden, the Tsukihion'na - practicioners and masters of the Mikodo combat arts.

Saori is rather carefree at times, however, and revels the idea of a free spirit, refusing to be chained to anyone but Kuroden's will. Potentially due to this, Saori reveals herself to actually be a rather stubborn and lazy individual, much like Kuroden - though both would gladly rise to the ocassion should the situation call for desperate measures. It should be noted that Saori is often in a drunken stupor, revealing a faint blush whenever in this state. Her personality also becomes completely like that of a naive child, though this quickly turns into a flirtatious attitude when near other or older men, and sometimes even younger men - promptly causing Kuroden to envelop in an outburst of jealous rage - killing many of them in the process.

Normally, Saori displays a very relaxed personality, but often becomes giddy when discussing matters of love. She is not above using witty or sarcastic remarks when the situation arises, especially with Kuroden. She is also confident in her natural sex appeal and not afraid to speak her mind as she openly admits to others in front of her. In fact, her beauty has caused almost every male to happen upon her to develop some form of lust toward her, though Saori knows not to pursue such folly only in spite of their lives being at stake should she do so. No matter the appropriate level of the matter, Saori is more than willing to admit her feelings and opinions to others, regardless of the affect of those notions on others - signaling that she is actually an extremely outgoing woman. It is shown that she is not above using her beauty to get her way, which she does often with Kuroden, and often points out when she believes she is more attractive than other females around her or her owner, Kuroden.

Even though Saori displays, most of the time, a cheerful attitude towards life, she has shown that she can become serious when the situation demands it. For instance, she doesn't tolerate people that talk down to her. When it happens, she displays a cruel usage of her powers and allows nobody, save for Kuroden, to talk down to her again. She adamantly believes in the strength of bonds and friendship or kinship, and goes out of her way to protect the bonds she forms. Saori is however unsure of Kuroden may share a similar mindset in this regard for others save for Saori.
Likes: She likes Japanese dancing, and in addition to her shihakushō robes, she enjoys buying superfluous amounts of clothing from various department stores in the human world. When she feels like drinking, she finds free people and invites them to come out with her, and then has them treat her to drinks, so that she wouldn't have to spend any money. This is shown when Saori decided to spare an enemy's life, in exchange for said enemy paying for sake.
Dislikes: Being talked down to.
Fears: Losing Kuroden.
Hopes/Dreams: Having Kuroden recognize Saori as a lover and marrying her.
Sexual Orientation: Straight, Bicurious
Relationship Status: Owned
History: Saori's past isn't explained much, but it appears that she survived the massacre of her people, becoming the last of the Miko aside from her owner, Kuroden. She was a rather exceptional Miko in her own right, and was a teacher to a younger generation of Miko. As per to her escape, she fled to the World of the Living and took residence with Kisuke Urahara. During which time, she took up a position at the University of Karakura, becoming a chemistry professor and major.

When Sōsuke Aizen and his followers invaded Karakura, Saori set up a tactical attacking strategy around the Urahara shop that protected it from the output of spiritual energy being given off by Aizen's followers and the Captains. At some point, Saori was one of the Hakkō Ichiu, one of its first members, and was also the first to pass her title on to another.
RP Sample: N/A
Family: Kuroden - Owner
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