In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Toritoro Kuroi (8th Division Captain) DONE

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Toritoro Kuroi

Toritoro Kuroi

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Toritoro Kuroi (8th Division Captain) DONE Empty
PostSubject: Toritoro Kuroi (8th Division Captain) DONE   Toritoro Kuroi (8th Division Captain) DONE Icon_minitimeMon Apr 08, 2013 9:40 pm

Shinigami Template

Shinigami Information

Name: Toritoro Kuroi
Age: 125 (Looks 18)
Gender: Male
Squad: Sqaud 8
Rank: Captain
Toritoro stands at about 5'9 and weighs at 164 Lbs, his muscle percentage being 64
Ability Information

Name:Fighting Style:Aikido
Type: N/a
Range: Close
Description: A fighting style that allows the user to use the weight, and momentum, of the opponent against them, along with their own weight and momentum, to do massive damage to the opponent, and make fly/fall over as though the user has complete control over them.

Name: Swordsmanship: Battojutsu
Description: A sword-drawing technique that allows the user to perform feats with a sword beyond human compensation. However, only Masters of his technique can do so. Also, because Toritoro uses a Nodachi, his sword-drawing techniques are a bit slower than a normal sword, but only by a fraction. The technique also teaches the way of fighting multiple opponents at one time. Utilizing his quick speed and agility, Toritoro is quite a foe while using this.
Different Techniques:

Ryuu Tsui-sen (Dragon Hammer Flash) - After leaping high into the air, Toritoro brings the sword, with it already unsheathed, over his head, then, while coming back down to his opponent, he slams the sword down onto the opponent's shoulder, either completely dislocating the shoulder, or knocking the opponent out.

Ryuu Kan-sen (Dragon Windup Flash) - A counter-attack mostly. While the opponent attacks him from the front, Toritoro will rush in towards them, spin around the opponent's sword, bringing his own sword around, and slamming it into the back of their neck, where the base of the head is at.

Name: Master Reflexes
Type: N/a
Range: Close
Years of training both inside the academy and outside by his late family has given Toritoro extreme reflexes. He can perceive and dodge attacks with near perfect movement and counterattack without flinching unless the attacker is faster than him. This also plays apart in his sword fighting, giving him the upper hand against most opponents.

Name: Extreme Conditioning
Type: N/a
Range: Self
Toritoro has had a gruesome training regiment as a child, not only to build his endurance, but his pain tolerance and speed. Thanks to his past training and the continuation of this training, he can take large amounts of damage as well as fight for longer periods of time, even outlasting those of the same rank as him. His speed is on par with a Captain, allowing him to run not only faster but longer than others.

Zanpakuto Information

Name:Tenro(Heavenly Wolf)/ Kaze no Hiraki (Cleaving Wind)
Type: Power/Elemental(Wind)
Appearance:Kaze no Hiraki


Spirit Manifestation:

Spirit World:

Spirit Personality:
Tenro symbolizes Toritoro's more battle driven side. Although smart and a good tactician, he often runs into battle ready to kill anyone who opposes him. Mild tempered and rash, Tenro holds his tongue for no one and always acts on his threats. Although a brute and a hard ass, Tenro has "emotions" that are expressed only with Toritoro. Kaze No Hiraki however is his calm and laid back side. Rather than fighting, he would rather sit and talk it out unless fighting is absolutely necessary. At best he can be described as a flowing breeze that just goes with the flow.

Shikai Information

Name: Kaze No Hiraki
Release Phrase: Cut the earth in two- Kaze No Hiraki

Name: Tenro
Release Phrase: Claw at the skies- Tenro

Shikai Ability Information

Name: Wind Cutter
Type: Hado ( Elemental- Wind)
Range: 80 meters
Description: The blade is covered in a veil of wind which when the blade is swung it is capable of slicing through their target with ease. The ability does not need any gestures other than swinging the blade in its desired direction.

Name: Winding Tornado
Type: Hado (Elemental-Wind)
Range: 50 meters(Controlled) 90 meters
Description: Toritoro swipes Kaze no Hirak smashing it into the ground. Once the blade strikes the ground, the blade opens to let out a large gust of wind that forms into a human sized condensed tornado. It its winds are capable of sucking in anything in its path, and once inside the tornado the enemy is cut by the sharp winds.

Name: Wind Fang (Tenro)
Type: Hado(Wind)
Range: Close
The blade of Tenro is encased with a invisible veil of wind. Once the sword strikes an object or person, the wind around the blade begins to cut the person it touches for however long it stays connected to them. This can also be used to project a large blast of wind, capable of blowing back an enemy as well as doing damage by cutting the enemy with small wind blades.

Bankai Information

Name: Cleaving Wind Storm

Bankai Ability Information

Name: Wind Carver
Type: Hado(Wind Based)
Range: Close~5m tp Long~80 meters
Toritoro creates a large vacuum of wind by twirling the scythe over head and slamming the blade into the ground. From that point, three large waves of wind are sent flying at the enemy. This waves are capable of cutting through a building and ripping it to shreds. Each wave is 3 meters wide and 5 meters high, each capable of ensnaring any caught into them and ripping them to shreds.

Extra Information

Toritoro is one of the more laid back captains, often slacking off or doing his work but never both. When not working or attending meeting with other captains, he is generally seen drinking on the rooftops of the Division 8 barracks. Having a carefree demeanor he would usually not care for the smaller details, unless the safety of the Seireitei is jeopardized. When training or sparring, he traditionally just lazily dodges or fights, unless of course he is being watched by his Superiors, which he will act like he should(even if he hates it.)
*Relaxing under trees,
*Drinking with other shinigami

*Over talkative people
Fears: Dying to someone stronger than him
Hopes/Dreams: To become captain of Squad 8
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Toritoro was born in one of the upper parts of the roukangi, and worked for what he wanted. Even with his good life, he was trained day in and day out to become strong so he would not take shit from anyone. His attitude was often like it is now, carefree and and a one step at a time person, but his father had beat into him an attitude for battle. After some years went by he enrolled into the Academy to become a shinigami, to push himself to become better although either way he would be himself. Having some of the highest scores in his studies as well as combat training, people often thought he had split personalities which they were correct but they always saw his carefree side. After awhile of working up the ranks he became the captain of Sqaud 8, his attitude and demeanor not changing in the slightest, but the way he worked and acted changed.

RP Sample:
Family: N/a
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Toritoro Kuroi (8th Division Captain) DONE Empty
PostSubject: Re: Toritoro Kuroi (8th Division Captain) DONE   Toritoro Kuroi (8th Division Captain) DONE Icon_minitimeWed Apr 10, 2013 11:00 pm

Fuck you, Approved.
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Toritoro Kuroi (8th Division Captain) DONE
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