In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Misson I, Soul Collection (Private topic and over.)

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Ivan Ivanosk Ivanisky

Ivan Ivanosk Ivanisky

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PostSubject: Misson I, Soul Collection (Private topic and over.)   Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:39 pm

Kenjiro stood in one of the many, many trees of the forest, carelessly throwing a special little orb Kuro had gave him, for what Kenjiro had no idea nor did he give a shit. The orb slipped from his hand and he tried to catch it with his foot, instead he ended up punting it deeper into the forest. "Well...fuck me then." Kenjiro said hoping off of the top of the tree and chasing after it. Shuffling through the woods Kenjiro happened across his orb, in the hands of a hollow. To be specific the middle form of them, the more human looking of the first two. There were about twenty of them "Oh well what have we here? Some bitches who got something of mine?" The hollows turned to face Kenjiro who was currently removing Lance off of his back to use on them. "A shinigami? Looks weak enough. KILL HIM!" the now obvious leader yelled. Kenjiro in response smirked and stated "It's time to kill a mocking bird Lance." his blade shifted to it's shikai form. A grin spread across Kenji's face as he began spawn fire balls and launched them at the Cero's the Hollows were launching slowly pushing them back. Once they had stopped Kenjiro had rushed into the ten and began to slice and dice. He effectively killed three of the hollow and the soul were sucked into the orb held by the leader.

Turning quickly Kenjiro quickly adopted his mask increasing his speed. Beheading 6 more he was left with the leader who dropped the orb who just collected his well crews souls. Kenjiro rushed and dove, catching the orb before it hit, and in the end also ended up raping the lead hollow with a Cero in the asshole before slicing off the head. "And ten...50 more to go." Kenjiro said wandering deeper into the forest. After around three or four hours of wandering he came across a group of fifty hollows, they seemed to be planning an attack on soul society. Fighting his urge to join them Kenjiro instead opted to switch to Bankai then launch 3 flame waves at the Hollows who were quickly beheaded other then one, who Kenjiro decided to stab through the chest, pop out his eye, fuck the socket, then cut off his head. With the souls collected Kenjiro put the orb and in a small pouch he decided to grab off of one of the hollows and go back to Kuro.

*End Topic*
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PostSubject: Re: Misson I, Soul Collection (Private topic and over.)   Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:08 pm

Note that said topics can not be proven private as is not situated in your home realm. Should someone wish to they could very well invade this topic.
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Merrow, The Little King

Merrow, The Little King

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PostSubject: Re: Misson I, Soul Collection (Private topic and over.)   Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:28 pm

(This pretty much is now the Vizard's new home realm. What with negotiations that Psy's done.

Also, really? That's all for the Hollows? LOL)
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PostSubject: Re: Misson I, Soul Collection (Private topic and over.)   

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Misson I, Soul Collection (Private topic and over.)
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