In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Kopei the person thing Vizard

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PostSubject: Kopei the person thing Vizard   Kopei the person thing Vizard Icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 8:55 pm

Vizard Template

Vizard Information

Ability Information

Range:up to 85 meters wary from Shi's standpoint.
Description:Lailias(LAI- LEE- ASS) Is the power to form and control a special powder that changes the chemical balance inside one's own body for a certain period of time causing them to react in a way that most would not seem to react, basically it turns the person whom is homosexual into a straight person and if they are straight they are turned gay, it can effect a bisexual person interestingly as flipping a coin and whatever they were thinking about at that moment then they would be damned to seeing them until as a great distraction. Though it only works of a great amount of the powder is inhaled to tweak the interest of the victim.

Symptoms of the powder:
Massive Hornyness
Lose track of what is happening and thinking of either gay guys or girls or the other way around.
Sweaty palms.
Just over all an emotional wreck on the battle field just from breathing in this powder.

Zanpakuto Information

Spirit Manifestation:
Spirit World:
Spirit Personality:

Shikai Information

Release Phrase:"Fiesta! Ringo!!"

Shikai Ability Information

Bankai Information


Bankai Ability Information


Mask & Hollow Information

Mask Appearance:
Inner Hollow Appearance:
Inner Hollow World:

Mask Based Ability Information


Extra Information

Personality:Kopei has a big personality which could be a disaster if someone ends up calling him short, he takes pride in thinking that hes bigger than everyone around and there isnt an obstacle around that could overcome with his short temper, for an example if you call him short then he would pull an Edward Elrich and scream out random things that wouldn't make any sense at all, and at a high volume. But from some other strange perspective, he could be considered a nice guy.Though manly when he figures out the person that he's hanging around with it shouldnt be a problem when he starts striping to get more comfort from being near individuals. If they can accept him for who he is right then and there then there's no issue in the fact that he could be wearing nothing but boxers or hell naked could work as well.
Sadness drones in at times whenever he gets the idea of his parents looking for him and can't reach out to him or whenever he looks at his reflection and thinks to himself that he had became somewhat ugly looking of sorts. Maybe its all in his head but who knows exactly? Grinding gears to get noticed frankly he has the tendency to become an annoyance on others just to know for sure that he exists and dedicates his time writing down every action of his peers just to remember and bring it up in future conversations just to have something to talk about. Constantly fighting mirrors and trying his hardest to stay out of darkness that seems to consume him at times which decays him into nothingness, though the solemn thought of him being resided with his parents again enriches his tainted heart and he is once the golden boy once more. Alas the days are long and the ideas of this gold maker is completely rancid at times and his own brain acts against him. So at random times his nose bleeds or his eyes....Or his ears. Overall Kopei is a complicated individual. Also he basis himself off of the ten faces of death.
each of them are based off the ten aspects of death which will be listed and explained below.

Rage-Kopei's temper gets the best of him at times, he can get to the point
Where he would curse at dead people, that he probably had a hand in with them being dead, he rages so hard that he would have to take a nap to recover from the onslaught of profanity.
Greed- Kopei doesn't like to share anything that he owns especially his weapons.
Madness- Madness is an understatement when it comes down to the money, Kopei loses himself under the impression that he's going to get to feed that inner madman sometimes he just cuts and carves at the air cause of the intensity and the rush he gets that comes from killing and war, battles are usually when hr loses that suave persona.
Intoxication- This Face is looked at in a way that is more natural than an alcohol induced reaction, in fact Kopei looks down on underage drinking, of there is a law on underage drinking, which is however you look at it, its funny cause of how he thinks slaying humans is appropriate.
Destruction- when there's destructible items, there will be things broken, shattered, ripped, stabbed, slashed, and damn right rendered totaled after Kopei walls through.
Despair- The time comes when despairing views fall hard unto the eyes of Kopei when he passes by the house he grew up in as a kid
Nihilism-isolation is one the major emotions that Kopei cradles and keeps, it's going to be known that he wants to be alone, either acting out on his other emotions, they all counteract eachother during certain times.

Sacrifice- He has the fear that if he sacrifices himself then he wont find salvation.

Old age-Believe it or not sometimes, a wisdom of a old sage surfaces whenever it's needed so.
Loneliness-To be lonely, it's practically inevitable due to the conclusion of Kopei's psyche, he gets lonely all the time, but he shows out by anger and swearing.
Hopes/Dreams:None yet.
Sexual Orientation:Barksexual(Attracted to Trees)
Relationship Status:None
History:Snow falls on the land of Mt. Whatevercoldashell and the freezing temperatures cut deep into the skin of a proud mother and father who had just given birth to a bouncing baby boy that made the cry of a wild ice pig startling the two who held him close hoping and praying that this moment would never end, they named the boy "Kopei" and prayed that nothing would happen to cause them grief or sorrow.

War hit and the child was separated from his parents before he could realize that they were even his parents, so when he came up in the age of 5 years old he finally got the sense of feeling lost and abandoned, took him five years to figure out that he was by himself, sure he was free and seeing different faces who took him in for a night but was on his way, five years to learn that there are good people in the world and bad people, and five years that he had to fend for himself on the road, after the fact that he didn't live with his parents and he was already in the same rotation going from home to home, there wasn't a better choice in the matter than walking around asking,"Do you know where my mommy and daddy are?" silence was always the outcome.

A blizzard hit on the outskirts of the northern water region, Kopei was walking alone in a hooded cloak trying to keep warm but it was useless if there was an avalanche, and how fate plays sticks with Kopei and he drew the shortest one, Kopei met his death with the avalanche or thats what should have happened, a water-bending master walked up, stuck his hand in the 40 inch snow hill that the avalanche made and pulled out the boy who was almost frozen to death. Which he did.

Waking up to hollows Kopei ran for dear life before crashing into a black cloaked figure who knocked him out.

After the blackout he was placed in as a Soul Reaper for a while and didn't understand why he was being placed in a area where he was a Soul Reaper and a Vice Captain at that. Though in at first glance he wasn't very sure who or what impacted his life to the point where he was fighting the monsters that he was running from. Not to mention the Zanpaktou of his is actually a flaming homosexual dolphin named Ringo.

Events happen that leave a scar on Kopei's face and forces him to wear bandages. His hollowification powers seemed to unravel at the same time as the scar showed it. Who knows why these two are together.

As the time goes unto present day, Kopei is enjoying life as a one of these,"Vizards."
RP Sample:
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Kopei the person thing Vizard
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