In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Kanita Volcan W.I.P

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Mistress Kanita

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PostSubject: Kanita Volcan W.I.P   Kanita Volcan W.I.P Icon_minitimeWed Apr 10, 2013 4:50 pm

Arrancar Template

Arrancar Information

Name:Kanita Volcan
Rank: Queen Of Hueco Mundo
Ability Information

Description:This Skill is only able to be executed by Kanita,this is used by her focusing her Reiatsu she is able to call forth chains from her body by using her Reiatsu using it as a Summoning. The Chains are summoned through parts of her body the speed,strength and durability is only as strong as Kanita Reiatsu. If a attack would hit her chains higher then her Reiatsu within them they will shatter with no resistance to the attack being executed upon them. The chains can be used as a weapon to bind or even strike her targets as long it is within the radius of her chains range. These Chains can be used in combination with the Arrancar Bala.

Name:Chika chenburittsu
Description:By focusing her Reiatsu under her feet or where she touch on solid ground. She is able to use it to make her chains travel underground without giving off a hint of her movement. She can control the chains path by simply thinking about it and in other words giving them orders where to go since they are apart of her. These chains power and speed is the same as the parent ability of hers.

Name:Chen nobi
Range:50m/Range of Cero or Bala
Description:This skill is one of Kanita most lethal abilities in her arsenal just cause of its power alone. This allow her to create her chains using her parent ability not only as weapons but as Mediums. The tips of the chains can be focused on to release Ceros or Balas from the tips of the chains summoned. This ability is used when her chain cannot reach her target so she blows them away increasing the range of this ability solely due to the range of her Ceros or Balas.

Zanpakuto Information


Resurrection Information

Release Phrase:"Shatter Apart!"
Adjuchas Representation:Humanoid Bat

Resurrection Ability Information


Extra Information

Family:Kanae Volcanic(Mother,Alive),Serah Volcanic(Sis,Alive)
Sexual Orientation:Bi
Relationship Status:Single
RP Sample:
They once said that gods was the only one with the power to change the world but the power that mere humans can hold. Can they also be known as gods, can there power change the world like the gods? There once was a world where the war between to immortal clans would rage turning this world to a warzone. Where was the gods then the Jashin and Kyuketsuki was bitter rivals from the beginning even now they heated rivalry continues. Will there ever be a chance for salvations among these two clans or will this war continue till the existence of both clans become nothing but a legacy. But now this rivalry is moved on to the next generation where sparks will fly people will die and the world would be set for war once more. There was one last member of the Vampires she was a stubborn piece of work. Her birth brought forth the new generation of Vampires not only that their legacies rest with her. Will she follow her ancestor’s way of thinking or make her own path? Who was this person? Why was she important to such a cause? Her name was Claire Farron Kyuketsuki the last of her clan…She was Lightning.

Deep in the depth parts of the Hidden sky was a certain area that belonged to Claire. She was one of the kages that worked with another kage not saying she was a fan of working with people. Her loyalty was matched with no other she was stuck here no matter what or how much she traveled to other nations. She was loyal to Sukaigakure and the other kage no matter what tries to interfere with her. The moon shined down as the ripples of the water reflected the moon as from that a body would raise from the water. Water dripping down the body reflecting from the moonlight as the person would open their eyes. Red glowing eyes could be seen as this person was clearly naked as the moonshine brightens the person will come into clear view. It was Light she was just awakening from her slumber and cleaning herself. Her ample breast would show, as the paleness of her skin would make her look even better in the moonlight. Her hair was wet as it was going down her back as her pink lips will part as she would towards the sky,

In the water it will be a fake reflection it will seem she had black angel wings sprouting from her back. Well according to the reflection that is but it wasn’t real it was just the moving of the water that gave off that reflection. She would push a strand of hair behind her ear, as she would smile at herself. Since when did Vampires have reflections you may ask it was her special clan blood the iron within her kept her visible due to it wasn’t normal iron. As her breast was wet from the water her eyes would look at the moon, as her mouth will open slightly as her fangs would show she would sigh to herself as she was thinking. She remember when she was a foreign to this village one person opened up to her and took her as his friend no matter what she was.” Snow…”she would say to herself as she would slowly start to walk towards the shore. Showing her whole naked body she would ease out of the water as would catch a bad odor nearby. It was obvious she was being watch by someone of the village or even a spy but she knew she was being watched.

“Hey Baby!” says a male who was walking towards a naked Light, as she would look up at the male and frown. She just continued to walk towards her small little cottage home, as she would ignore the group of man and continue on her way. As they would surround her she will sigh as she seem to not be alone on her own area.”Ok ill say this simply as I can leave or die here” she says totally bluntly at them the men just simple laughed at her. She would close her eyes as the clouds would cover the moon soon after opening them as the moon would come out her eyes would shoot open as her fangs grew a few inches. The men will watch this happen as suddenly the naked Claire leg would rise knocking one of the men straight in the air before he could even see between her legs. “Know Your Place!” she would yell, as the one kicked would hit the ground with a loud crash to the ground within seconds. The other men would slowly back away and begin to run from her grabbing the one knocked out.” Were sorry…were sorry” they plead she would just turn her back and continue to walk.

She would reach her cottage as she would go to her closet as to find something to wear. Bending over to grab a pair of pink undergarments and slipping them on as she would be hopping around the room.”Idoits cant just not enter my territory”she was saying to herself as she will grab her leather tunic and slip it on along with her other clothes. Finally sitting on her bed to slip on her leather boots as she would pull them up and sigh. She had yet another long night to work nothing never happens she might go to Iceberg though since she normally travels anyway. She would rise from her bed leaving through the front door, As she would leave she would once again look at the moon as she would sniff the air to see if those men was still around here but she didn’t catch there scent yet as she would strech her armss wide. She was going to have to report about all the events of what happened tonight maybe she should of killed the perverts and hung there heads in her area. But what can you say she was just too lazy at the moment…
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Kanita Volcan W.I.P
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