In a last ditch effort to win, Aizen did something drastic
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 Vaizard Stats

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PostSubject: Vaizard Stats   Vaizard Stats Icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 8:10 pm

Basic Stats

Strength: This determines how strong your character is, and how well your character can block.

Durability: This determines how well your character is at taking attacks.

Speed: This determines how fast your character is.

Reiatsu: This determines how much reiatsu your character has, and how strong energy attacks are.

Secondary Stats


Zanjutsu Skill: This determines how well your character fights with a sword, and the type of moves your character can use.

Zanpakutou Mastery: This determines how well you fight with your Zanpakutou in Shikai and Bankai. Shikai requires at least 30 points, and Bankai requires at least 60.

Mask Mastery: This determines how effectively you can fight using your hollow mask, and if you can use the full hollow form. Each 10 points gives a post of using mask, at 75, mask duration becomes indefinite, and Hollow form becomes available. Full Hollow Form becomes controllable at 100 points.

Cero & Bala Intelligence: This determines how well you are at using your Cero and Bala. The more points you have in this area, the more powerful your Cero and Bala will be, and the more variations of the two you can pull off.

Kido Intelligence: This determines how much kido your character knows. A person with 10 points here can use 1-10. A character with 20 can use 11-20, likewise, a character with 30 can perform 21-30 ect ect.

Shunpo Mastery: This determines how well your character can shunpo, and how fast he or she is when they do so.

Each skill can only have 100 points in it.

These are the stat points for each race and rank.


Base Stats

Vaizard Commander: 600

Advanced Vaizard: 300

Vaizard: 250

Lieutenant Vaizard: 150

Newly Made Vaizard: 75

Secondary Stats

Vaizard Commander: 500

Advanced Vaizard: 400

Vaizard: 300

Lieutenant Vaizard: 250

Newly Made Vaizard: 150
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Vaizard Stats
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